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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My dead truck

My truck is dead....
I seem to be unable to make decisions. I have to find an engine for this truck. It is a 478 cubic inch gas engine.
I found another truck with an engine that will work. The truck has not run for 7 years. It has the transmission I need. It was running when parked. It was parked because the farmer bought a very nice truck and no one wanted to shift a 5 and 4. I don't mind.
So I could try to get this motor running. Or rebuild the 478 which has a broken piston and valve problems. But I have to tow it home. I may have talked a guy into scrapping it and giving me the engine "brownie" and front springs.
I can't hide in my house because my helper is cleaning the shed where we need to put a shop. He tends to be brutal in his disposals.
I want to plant or grind feed.


  1. Do whatever it takes to stand outside the storm. Grind feed. Take a walk with your daughter.

    I had the same downward spirals when I was in it, the farming, and tomorrow always depended on fixing a piece of obsolete junk equipment yesterday just to keep the whole circus hobbling through today...

  2. Everything we have is old and there is something wrong with it all. There is no where to even start. And it rains constantly...


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