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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Fix is in!

I feel a sense of relief. I have been waiting for the global warming folks to absorb this whole email scandal. See this link, "Climate e-mails petty, not fraudulent."
Then read the Tar Baby story. Of course the Dumb-asses that run our educational system never understood the Tar Baby story. Well perhaps we should say purposely misunderstood the Tar Baby story. The Tar Baby had less to do with race than it had to do with winning a battle.
The Fox caught the rabbit by getting him to fight with an object that absorbed and contained the Rabbits anger and aggression. The Tar Baby simply went with the punches, said not a word, and covered the rabbit with so much sticky tar that he could not escape.
When you fight big government, big science, big industry, big environmentalism, you just become enveloped, trapped, absorbed, and in the end neutralized.
So, those who want to promote change have of course found that the emails do not prove trickery and that of course the new religion of Science and Greed is much better than the old national religion of Christianity and Greed.
I predict a faster move towards new terms. Expect to see "Global Warming," completely be replaced by something along the lines of "Man-made Climate Change."  Also, should it continue to get colder instead of warmer there will be no hue and cry, there will only be a "correction" our previous hypothisis was based on incorrect assumptions based on false evidence given us by George Bush and Dick Cheney."
It could be that the emails were leaked to promote more conflict as conflict and change means more money for someone. Or someone wants to change the climate change model somewhat. Note that the Danish leak information purported to make the second and third world nations pay their way in stopping, "global climate change," which would have ruined the whole redistribution of wealth plan.
The conservative websites say it exposed a new world order plan but the way is already paved for that so that info is probably irrelevant. There must be some conflict within the new religion. It could be that many of the climatists actually believe their own rhetoric.

In other news-I am working on giving out the Honest Crap awards. I have been planting and working out the church Christmas Program. I wish I had a banjo and fiddle player-oh my-and an accordian. The old lady who played the accordian is in pretty bad shape. Now she just supplies the doll for the manger scene.

There was another link to the horrible energy companies. Oil sands sound interesting. I wonder if Syncrude is a good company to invest in or if the opportunity is past? Of course my investment ability is limited to what I can buy for $25.

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