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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I got an award

I am now an award winning bloggist. I could tell my friends I am practicing bloggery. If I have more than one blog am I a blogimist?
The award came from the talented Bethany Mattingly who writes the Aspirations blog. She is writing several novels and is a college student. She is also someone with a farming background and is a tireless defender of agriculture.
There is a catch...
To accept the award I have to write 10 honest things about myself and send the award on to at least seven other bloggers.
To write 10 honest things would unblur my line between internet fantasy and real-life reality so I may have to thing about that. I just went back and inserted by internet name into all my stories....
I did some research on the awards as I had no idea what you are supposed to do with it. You post it on your blog with a link to the person who sent it. It is a way to recognize blogs you like-or inspire you-but it also is designed to bring traffic to your blog. It is sort of a chain letter.
Most people want to increase traffic to their blogs. I am not sure why, I guess it is like climbing a mountain. I too wish for more followers. Especially those who leave comments. Otherwise it is kind of like talking to yourself...

In other news....
I have hit an impasse. There are no current funny stories. Amity park is old news, no neighborhood scandals, no examples of the Willamina Wobbler running off the rails, no one has blown up Leon's mail box in years, no drunken hippies have torn up our round-up ready corn field. I guess I will have to make up stories...


  1. Thanks for the shout out and the link! More followers who comment are always the highlight of my day :)

  2. No local governmental silliness? It's most all we have left around here. All the colorful characters have died off, or been forced out by Big Operators. High jinks are not the mode of day.

    Hey, you have a local chapter of paranormal investigators? Might be worth a giggle. Went to a full moon demo at the old depot/founders' log cabin at Webster City, supposedly the spirits had followed the depot when it was hauled across town to make room for the block and a half factory that faltered and fell into the hands of Swedish overlords and now is falling quiet. Supposedly old railroad guy caused the dowsing rods to cross "yes" when he was asked if he liked girls. Young lady pulled from the audience was holding the rods and asking the questions, she was visibly shaken. Nearly provided a fresh spirit when some lady tripped and fell in the fire. Lot of the folks had bad teeth and didn't talk too good.

    Maybe you could get the words flowing with a Strumpet send up of Dickens' Christmas Carol. Short send up, that boy ran on at the pen.

    Collieguy cure for writer's block #3: go out and do something really energetic like shoveling snow, then in where it's warm and set up some dark roast coffee with a shot of dairy and a shot of brandy. Pull up to the laptop and don't stop. Nothing happens, set up a scenario like Barney Frank and Sara Palin meet at a coctail party in Alabama.

  3. And congratulations on becoming an awarded bloggiste!

  4. Hey that's pretty cool Budde! Congrats and thanks for the mention!


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