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Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Night Before Christmas

Sadie is in bed. She had quite a day. We had Christmas at my wife's family. The Christmas excitement was running high at our house. There were only two presents under the tree all week and they were both for Sadie. Actually there were three. Sadie made one for us, but of course she knew what that one was already! Last night I put down two more for Sadie and one for L. and L. put out a couple for me.
Sadie knew this was not going to be a huge Christmas. She wanted Lego's in the worst way. She shook my present and was not real sure about it. It did rattle a lot but I told her I made it myself so she knew it was something odd. (which it is!)
Somewhere L. found a Wii on sale. This was something we really debated. We are somewhat opposed to video games and wasting one's life away in front of the TV.
Sadie just had to open one present this morning and since she was going to get stuff for the Wii at Christmas today she got to open that. She was totally shocked. I think that she figured out that since there was basically only one present under the tree it was going to be a big one. I told her it was just socks but she didn't believe me. She knows how much they cost and she was amazed.
Anyway, we set it up this evening and played bowling which was kind of dumb. That is the gimmick that Nintendo marketing department came up with to sell the game to parents who are easily fooled by things they want to believe. Bowling and golf and baseball are silly when played with a motion sensing wand. It ain't real exercise. Oh, yeah, I will exercise with a video game! This will make our child more healthy!!! What a load of crap!
But, SuperMario brothers, and driving games are pretty amazing with the special steering wheel! We played till Sadie couldn't stay awake.
I'm guessing this will be another stumbling block on the road to a classical education for Sadie...
As to my health.
I feel strange. Anxious and queasy. What kind of a strange ailment is that. Oh, and I have a cough. I feel better this evening. We missed reading tonight. No Christmas story or The Night Before Christmas. She crashed. I guess I'll try to inject meaning into Christmas tomorrow morning.
Parenting is a struggle...Especially if you are not a completely responsible adult. I guess it is only distressing if you know your failings!
Merry Christmas to my five faithful readers!


  1. I suspect you have more than five regulars, but Merry Christmas from this one anyway. And, as Red Skelton used to say, "and may God bless!"

  2. Gorges, Thanks for following. As you probably have read I've had somewhat of an under the weather sort of Christmas.
    Hope you had a Good Christmas. Enjoyed your last posts even though I didn't leave a comment.


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