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Monday, December 14, 2009

I don't like Mondays

I don't like Mondays.
When i was in high school there was a band called the Boomtown rats. Later the lead singer went on to do the idiotic aid for Africa and that moronic we are the world song.
The song, "I don't like Mondays" was a big deal. A 16 year-old girl shot up an elementary school and when asked why she said, "I don't like Mondays." Bob Geldof is said to have written this song after seeing the report of the shooting come over the Telex. The idea of writing a song about something like this appealed to our sophomoric minds at the time and it was a big deal for a couple weeks. Bob Geldof went on to beat Bono (of U2) to the punch as a pretentious arsehole by leading the campaign to let terrorists run Africa and bring starvation and famine back to the continent in a big way. Kind of ironic in a way. Oh, but they are now "free."
I liked Sonny Bono a lot better. He could laugh at himself. Too bad about that tree...
Today it rained.
My sometimes employee keeps texting me wanting to work. I need to give him some important job so he will tie up the shop and the go away for three months. I suppose I will have to eventually talk to him.
My new employee hunted me down and found me sitting in my easy chair in the dark listening to The Pogues, "Fairytale of New York City, and Love you 'till the End" with I found somewhere. The "Fairytale of New York City," has been called the last real Christmas song written. I'm not sure if I agree.
So he made me go to work.
My 1971 International truck is dead. He pulled the heads and the pan. There was a chunk of piston in the pan and a pile of piston rings. It has a 478 gas engine. From what I can tell so far it will be around $2,000 in parts to rebuild it.
It has a very good bed and hoist and 8 nearly new heavy duty tires on the back. Fuel economy is not so good. Not really sure what to do. 
Sometimes I would like to be something other than a farmer. I'm not so sure it is my real calling.


  1. It is hard to discover what your real calling is, sometimes I wonder if I have chosen the right things. I think we have to just see where we are led and let life just come our way.

  2. I just need to take my daily dose of vitamin D...

  3. When I got out of high school, I honestly considered being a hermit, but I didn't. Everything has been downhill from that decision. Guess that was my failed Rubicon moment.

  4. I never figured out what I wanted to be. I found several things I did NOT want to be.
    Working on antique stuff because you want to= hobby=fun
    Working on junk because you have to do it=pain and suffering
    It is all in my mind...


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