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Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Program

We attended Sadie's Christmas program. I was pretty offended that they called it a "Christmas" program. I had really hoped for "Holiday Season Program." I was happy to see that there were no actual Christmas songs as I would have felt obligated to sue the school.
They did sing "happy, merry, Christmas," with lots of hand waving and a zippy tune. I was pretty upset with the repeated use of the "Christmas" term and the kid dressed like Santa seemed perhaps vaguely religious but I don't think I have a lawsuit. I think I'll check out the atheist blogs to see if I someone will help sponsor a lawsuit.
I was happy to see the basic program was totally devoid of any deeper meaning. I think the storyline was that a comet was heading towards earth and would wipe out the North Pole. However some reindeer with super powers were able to save everything during another zippy song.
The music teacher sounds very much like Minnie Mouse. However, I could not understand a single word. New bleachers but a pretty pathetic sound system.
In other local news. It would appear that the football team won a championship. I have absolutely no school spirit. I don't even care. I have not been back to AHS since I graduated other than Sadie's events.
On the other hand she throws herself into it all. Good for her!
For those who are following the White 2-155 saga. I drained the hydraulic oil. I think the dump box hydraulic cylinder contaminated the whole hydraulic system of the tractor. I have no idea how water could have gotten into the tractor otherwise. Apparently the White holds 30 gallons instead of 15. But, I only used four five gallon buckets. I was able to spill one. On myself and on the ground. The ground is frozen solid so we have a little oil slick. It was about 20 degrees out. Warm oil doesn't stay warm for that long and it ruins the insulating qualities of your coveralls. I was able to roll around in it quite a bit.
Tomorrow I have requests for my planting services.
The Great Plains drill will go in the ground, but it will probably bend a few coulters. I'm not so sure it is a good idea.
The last time I planted into ice on a field that you couldn't get on if the ground was not frozen it was a failure. When the ground melted the wheat was in cold wet mud. It just kind of rotted. However, the fellow has gotten advice from someone who is smarter than I, and I need the money so I guess I will give it a go.
Perhaps it will work. Sometimes it is nice to be wrong.

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