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Monday, December 28, 2009

Daily Strumpet Feedback

So... you have all had two days to read the notorious and nefarious Daily Strumpet. What is the verdict?
I admit to being a tad rusty with my humor writing skills.
Perhaps my layout skills are not so much anymore but who care?

Was it funny?
Do you want another one?
Could you read it?

This blog is linked to the host site of the Strumpet but that site is not linked to this one. I'm not sure how much I want to share at times. If you do a search for The Daily Strumpet it will bring you here but you have to make the effort I think...

Do you think my PayPal donation button is tacky?

What are the chances of me getting 1.2 million in donations?


  1. Not sure where it fits in the new order of things. Fun, interesting, but maybe you have moved on somewhat with the blog project. Might become a random collection of some of the more humor inspired posts, especially those that could be updated, embellished, sequelled. A best-of edition that could be shared with elderly relatives who don't go online much. Maybe don't hold yourself to a schedule. Quarterly would be good, random might be even better. Christmas deadline compounded with feeling poorly and InDesign biffboff seems to have caused undue stress. Is Scribd fun to deal with? Don't appear so. There are those of us who do appreciate the effort. But if the project isn't registering on your fun-o-meter, might be time to rethink strategy.

    But yes, 1. funny, 2. more would be welcome, if more some day strikes your editorial fancy, 3. I can read it.

    Foray into editorial cartooning is a nice touch. Big papers here are dropping their front page cartoonists as fast as they can in spite of demand and Pulitzer prize history.

  2. Collieguy and Uncle you are my online fan club. I really didn't get much feedback from others. You can't judge the response as it is mostly in the form of, "when are you going to do another one" comments.
    There have been some really hilarious Daily Strumpets in the past but they just kind of happen. I read them a couple years later and laugh.
    Glad you liked my cartoon. I get bored and draw cartoons in Church...
    Wish folks would leave more feedback some how. Now that more people read I need to be less introspective and more entertaining.
    There is no link from Scribd to this blog so I will not get comments here from those I send a link to the Strumpet repository.
    Scribd is its own world. It works best if you format things to be printed out, I think.
    Pulitzer prize and Daily Strumpet should not be mentioned in the same post...

  3. 4. Yeah, maybe a little on the tacky side, but fun. And maybe there are folks into tacky who want to drop some money on it.

    5. Apparently probably about as good as getting a dozen responses to the Strumpet effort.

    And who is that handsome well articulated fellow on the last page? Crazy Ike? An Ikadoo?

    I, for one, will be sending USD for a year's subscription. From tips generated playing the banjo at farmers' markets, solstice parties and odd events, so it may have some kinda weird power. If no further Strumpets are forthcoming, it can go as seed money to the one point two millyun.

  4. I will have to do more than one issue as their is not a whole lot of point in sending $1.50
    Will need all the special powers I can get...


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