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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rambling thoughts on Sunday

We went to the same Church as we went last Sunday. I feel the need to keep the daughter in church. She needs to have friends who are part of our culture if we expect her to continue our culture. (sort of a strange comment I suppose) When I was growing up we went to a very small church and I had no likeminded christian friends. I grew up somewhat on the outside of our traditional Christian culture.
Anyway, this Sunday I was a bit more relaxed at church. I observed some things.
There is an old lady who Whistles. I've known this lady most of my life and I never knew she whistled. This is the second older lady I have met who whistles. I think whistling old ladies are a bit different-surreal comes to mind. She trilled like a little bird. It was somewhat disturbing but I guess it was nice as well.
The preacher seems to have taken Andy Griffith as a role model. He does a spot on impression, with a little Don Knotts thrown in as well. Once I made that connection I got sort of distracted.
There is a fellow on the back row who laughs loudly and tends to repeat any punch lines delivered from the pulpit. I did not notice him wearing a bike helmet so I am assuming he is just a really big fan of the pastor.
They take communion every Sunday. It is kind of nice to start the service with a shot of grape juice but I do have mixed feelings about it.
The people are nice and I know lots of people so I'll most likely go back.
After church we went to the local cafe and had split a salad. The waitress made Sadie a special fruit plate. She likes Sadie. Sadie is almost as tall as the waitress. The waitress has a daughter Sadie's age.
S. has a lego advent calendar. It has a lego prize from every day of the advent season. She looks forward to opening the window and getting a lego prize every day. She has most of the days figured out.
We are having a Christmas tree debate. This year my wife wants a real tree while I am lobbying for the fake tree. This is the reverse of every other year. I just don't want to spend money on a tree. Or crawl under it to water it.
There is another follower! Woop! Whoop! (as Budd Clarke used to say-but that was a long time ago and no one even remembers what I am talking about. The good old days when things were not quite so serious)
I wonder about the Lazy Farmer audience. I told a few people who used to be Daily Strumpet subscribers about this blog. However, I am almost positive that the majority don't read the Lazy Farmer.  I understand that most folks do not enjoy reading about no-till planting but there are some funny stories thrown in. I am not so sure what would make an interesting blog. I've been writing what I would like to read. I've been using the blog to make sense of some ideas. Or as a bit of therapy-although have cut that way down so I don't whine too much. And I would like to build a base of stories in order to somehow learn how to be a writer.
I also tend to be a bit stream of consciousness. I hope that is entertaining.
I have to do a Daily Strumpet! A Christmas issue! Hopefully something really funny will happen this week. I have lots of page two stories but nothing for page one.
I'm going to play legos with S. now.
I'm trying to get her to drive me around so I can double check some of the anifreeze in the tractors, and perhaps shoot some tin cans but she thinks it is too cold.
Or I could take a nap...
I could proof read this post!
Edit: I just checked the flag counter and someone from Sweden visited The Lazy Farmer. How do people find this blog and do people stumble upon it stay? I would think I would have a limited audience.
Also, I just thought of this memory from High School when I saw the Swedish flag.
I hated school. I hated school with a passion. I have never been back to school. Amity won some sort of championship. I don't care. I did not go to the game. I don't know the score. I don't care.
I don't remember why I hated school. I think people liked me. I guess I don't really know.
Anyway, we had a Swedish exchange student. I joined AFS for some reason. She was in AFS. She was nice but very quiet. I gave her a ride home from meetings sometimes. I think she liked Bunny Wailer or Desmond Dekker or Bob Marley. I have a faint memory of setting in her driveway listening to Desmond Dekker or something on the tape player. She asked me to the prom but I didn't go to the prom. That was all a long time ago. Pretty funny I would remember that. Might have been because I looked up all my Bob Marley stuff as my Uncle's Grandson is a total pothead.
He ran the shop Saturday when his Grandpa and Grandma went to a family Christmas/Thanksgiving dinner in Coos Bay. He went out for a half hour ride with his friends. He came wearing sun glasses. It was coffee time. He leaned back in a chair and was quiet. As my personal assistant noted, "K. is BAKED!" He reeked of chronic when he came in. I had spilled gasoline on myself so I couldn't smell it. (Good thing I don't smoke.) Hotboxing at coffee time! Now that is what memories are made of!
It is pretty funny. Sometimes I call him "chronic boy." He just grins.

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