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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Daily Strumpet

Ok I wrote it. My helper read it and laughed...
I have to proof it and redo the layout. I cannot handle the inDesign. I want my old program called Ready Set, Go.
It will not be mailed before Christmas.
Perhaps I will post a .pdf here.
Of course-when has the Christmas edition ever got there on time? It was America's favorite irregular newspaper-for irregular folks.


  1. Proof it!? Whazzat!??

    Your loyal irregular readers are waiting, got bait on our breath.

  2. Not making much progress. I can't use inDesign. It is a stupid program. It is so complex you can't do simple things with it. I just want to do columns that have justified margins. And move objects and text boxes around. Why does it have to be so complicated. I want my old Ready, Set, Go program back. I don't really want to pay $175 for it though...

  3. I like iCalamus, but I picked it up on a promotional discount. Kinda pricey, but lighter and more intuitive than Adobe stuff. Their free trial was a fun toy.


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