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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I've accompished something!

I've got a new employee. I sort of hate to call him an employee. He is working here for a while after quitting his real job. He wants to go back to school and be an elementary teacher. I think he would be really good at it. He was selling insurace. That could be a pretty bad job.
I call him Bill.  His name is not Bill. Bill was the old employee. I think I will just call all employees Bill from now on. In this way I will not become attached to them. He could be the old Bill, we joked about that at lunch. If the old Bill fell off the back of the G706 and got ran over by the flat roller like in a cartoon, so instead of being round he was flat and tall.... I really don't know where that joke is going.
So I gave this fellow a job. I sometimes work for his father picking up bales with our stacker. He would run their stacker. That is how I got to know him.
He carries around a little notebook and sometimes makes notes of things he needs to do. I drive him crazy. First of all I forget constantly what I am doing. Then there are so many things of the same importance I tend to start one then go to the other, then I get a phone call, or someone stops to chat and I end up doing something else. Instead of telling me to make up my mind he looks at his notes and figures out what I meant to be doing. This is so very helpful.
He checked the antifreeze today, unstuck the old Toro-Flow truck, we emptied our box of triticale, got tires for my tractor, he swapped seats in the stacker we are trying to sell, and he got me bags of grain to make into feed. He just went and did it! It is totally amazing. I have no idea how I am going to pay him what he is worth.

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