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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Post Christmas Carnage

Sadie got a Wii for Christmas. That and a box full of 3/4" plastic pipe and various fittings. Her cousins and herself have just spent today and half of yesterday playing at our house. They did every game on the Wii at least five times. They played baseball and bowled and golf and raced cars. They cheered each other on wildly at times... They built a fort out of PVC pipe and spent the night in it. Then more Wii. Then they got out all the plastic tomica world Thomas the Tank engine trains and built a complicated railroad around the Christmas tree. Complete with a Lego station and various cars and boats.
Then they all went next door and played "Apples to Apples."
I made feed and cleaned more stuff in the shed...
I rushed the Daily Strumpet into print and got a couple stories mixed up. I did my first bulk emailing which was kind of a mess and now the links are broken as I updated the Strumpet on the website. (click on the link to see and go to the Budd E. Shepherd section)
Of course the Daily Strumpet was never meant to be an example of perfection. Just supposed to be funny.
I am not sure if I will do another. I have a lot of frustration with inDesign. People will have to encourage me to do it again.

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  1. My kids had pvc pipes and fittings growing up, and I must say they were their favorite. I could have written a book of 1001 things to do with PVC pipes. They were so creative, and tents were just the beginning of what they came up with. Take lots of pictures, I wish I would of kept a scrapbook of their projects. It would have been great to look at all these years later. Can't wait to have grandchildren to share those pvc projects with.


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