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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jennifer Aniston's photo at Eye of Polyphemus blog

You have to look at this photo of Jennifer Aniston. I think the photo right before this one would be a lot better. She had that little finger buried to the second knuckle-I would bet a chilicheeseburger at the Amity Cafe on it. Look at her startled expression at being caught. But why is she wearing a hat in her underwear? And why is she sitting on a kitchen stool?
As a farmer, I tend to wear my hat most places I go. My favorite say's Berkley Pumps. I got it at the big ag Expo in Tulare CA. So, I may wear my hat in the kitchen but I almost never wear my hat when I'm in my underroos. I very seldom pick my nose in the kitchen as it seems kind of nasty. Perhaps that is why she is so surprised. I would not want to be caught sitting at the kitchen table, in my underwear, wearing a funny hat, and picking my nose. But, celebrities do funny things. Who am I to judge? I do fart in public-but only when I am positive I will not get caught...
We all have our secrets!


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