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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Guy with the Antique Store in Amity is a Moron...

We at lunch at Ashe's Cafe in Amity again today. Some clever business folks put in a new grocery and deli across the street and all Cafe customers seem to have migrated across the street. We eat at the Ash's Cafe as I just hate to see her go broke.
So Josh and I are setting there are some old folks come in. They were barely mobile. I should say tottered in. They sat down to order and the fellow from the antique store comes in and asks them if they are the ones parked in the loading zone.
So get this...This is funny. The antique store has a loading zone that takes up two or three out of the ten parking spaces on main street. The other antique store that actually sells something now and then does not have a loading zone. There is no where to the cafe customers to park. This is especially insane as the cafe is only busy three times a day. The antique store is never busy. If he would just take down the ridiculous price tags he could just call it a museum. So the antique store guy and the old feller go out and the antique store guy directs the old fellow to pull his car out of the loading zone so that it is bumper to bumper with the car ahead of it.
Now it could be that the t-shirt guy whose shop is next to the antique store guy enforces the loading zone but I doubt it.
I congratulated the antique store guy on enforcing the parking codes when he came back in. I said, "good job on getting those old folks out of the loading zone," he said "thanks, I think they are all right now." So, I guess he takes enforcement of his own loading zone pretty seriously.
It is good to cut down on these parking infractions in Amity. "Tweek and Tow," does need more towing business. Also, everyone knows that parking in loading zones leads to stealing hubcaps and is a gateway to meth addiction and domestic terrorism. 


  1. The world is full of little Napoleons; of course most of them work for the government.

  2. He likes to sit out front of his store with a megaphone and direct people who not parking properly. He has a bumper sticker that say's "if it ain't King James it ain't the Bible." He has posters about strange conspiracy theories in the windows. He doesn't work on Saturdays as it is against his religion. He used to get drunk at the cafe when the previous owner served booze. He is really funny most of the time. But also annoying. He is funny because he is generally irrelevant. I make it a point not to buy anything from him.
    It is kind of cool when he sings old country western songs with the other old guys at the cafe. He is a moron...

  3. It is too damn bad that there is nowhere for self-made morons to be. We used to have a whole downtown of them on a local mainstreet in a town which shall go unnamed. I'm reaching back thirty years and the descendants are either gone to the dredges of some city or continuously on the local police report for a list of infractions suggesting a complete lack of imagination. We used to have downtowns that were COLORFUL. It was really amusing to go into town, as long as you didn't have to sleep there. Course eventually a local bank got bought out by some serious and accomplished morons who eventually drove out the local talent.

    Too bad about the old couple harassment. So sad.

    The guy needs a new sign. 'Loading What? Zone'.
    Mebbe 'You cain't park here, I is waitin' on the King James gravy train'.

  4. I suppose I was just in a bad mood yesterday. It is kind of funny. Make the parking in front of your store a loading zone so you can park your van in front of your window so no one can see or park in front of your store. Kind of makes you an idiot...


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