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Sunday, February 28, 2010

I start with lunch and go off subject!

Saturday I sold some hay. Actually Josh sold some hay and I gave away five ton. Well, the fellow says he will pay but it will be a long drawn out process. What is best, hay gone and no money, or hay in the barn and no money? Hay in the barn means it will still cost money to move it out for the new crop and if it is "sold" and in someone's barn at least I can attempt collections or a trade or something.
I met with my friend L. and E. for lunch at the Cafe' in Amity. L. and E. came to get me. L. and I have been friends for years. We went to school together. He spent a number of years in Canada working with the "First Nations" people. We don't like to use the term "missionary" any more. There are a lot of problems that came from the old "missionary" efforts. He worked with young people who had drug problems and alcohol problems. The Canadian government thought he was a not a good influence as he is technically a missionary. So, he had to come home. He was not trying to get native kids to blow up great public buildings, just trying to get them to stop sniffing glue. Go figure...
100 years ago it was good to be a missionary. At that time the government was trying to destabilize the Indian people. Now it is bad to be a missionary. Missionary technology or thought has evolved. Now, instead of trying to get native people to be exactly like the missionary, the missionary tries to work within the "cultural framework," which essentially means they are more worried about Indians sniffing glue and killing themselves. Now the Canadian government is opposed to missionaries.
I find the new racism or colonialism kind of amusing. How Star Trek has shaped world thought. The Star Trek prime directive was a clever plot device that was to provoke though and be hip and modern. We ain't tellin' anyone what to do...
So.... You find a culture where people crap too close to the house and cut each other's heads off. You do not tell them this is "wrong," as it will destroy their culture-which you must consider valid based on their own definition. You can encouraged them to use better sanitation and send in a conflict resolution team. You could perhaps substitute a ritualized beheading if everyone agrees. You can steal their oil and let the Muslims convert them or sell the into slavery.
In the end you are keeping them in a second class status, sort of like monkeys in a zoo. There is no thought of showing them a better way.
It is racist..
And I am way off subject. I've got to go, daughter is out of bed and wife on a mini-vacation.


  1. Hay gone. Good.

    Attempt collect, work out trade. Funny.

    Lazy Farmer digression. Interesting.

    Off with their heads. Offensive, unless Lewis Carroll writing script.

    Me work done this galaxy. Go vote somewhere else, end wars change culture for savage need topknot banged together. Hee hee.

    Colliespaceguy out.

  2. It's all just another way to subjugate people, but without admitting what you're up to. Sort of like welfare, food stamps and hiring quotas. It IS politically correct, though!

  3. Collie Guy did you also write a chapter in Finnegan's Wake?

    Gorges I suppose we are all "useful idiots" at some point. The clever folks does what they wants...


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