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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Man I wish I had some money!
I would soooo waste it on ebay. Dave Ramsey would cry!
I've been watching an auction for a16 mm film called, "Duck Dogers in The 24 1/2 century." It is in good color from 1953. It was voted as one of the Top 50 animated cartoons of all time.
Here is a Wikapedia entry on it. I thought it also saw the introduction of Marvin the Martian but I was wrong about that.
In somewhat related news the frogs are singing. It is unseasonably warm. I thought it was due to my clumsy efforts to recharge my airconditioning but have decided that it is really because everyone in Portland and Eugene believe firmly in Global Warming. The midwest is colder because those provincials disbelieve in Global Warming. Our here we drink more wine, drill each other's bottoms, and believe in Global Warming. It is a much better place to live...We also like to wear short pants and sandals in the winter and we drive 4wd Subaru's even if there is no snow. Oh, and those wonderful "Green" toyotas with the non-polluting batteries. Oh, and bicycles! Some folks have even figured out how to combine bicycles and wine tours! Great, drunken bicyclists running stop signs and blocking traffic. Our new slogan is, "Oregon-home of bikes, buggery, and booze-trot your short-pants clad bottom right over here!" Or something like that.
But, I digress.
My Aunt E. is... well I have no idea. She is no spring chicken. She is running the store at the farm. Yesterday she was talking about frogs. I was fixing Dad's computer, sometimes it won't print. Dad really likes to print. I heard Aunt E. talking about frogs. It sounded like your usual commentary on the strangeness of frogs croaking in February. Then she says that the sound is annoying. She asks if it annoys anyone else. I mutter, it ain't the frogs that are annoying. Dad kind of snickers, I think. He doesn't hear all that well so I don't know. Then she says. "H... can't you do something about those frogs. Maybe you can kill them. Isn't there something you can spray that kills them. They quit their noise when they see me. I'd step on them if I could find them."
Oh my! Frogacidial Granny and her can of DDT is on the loose!


  1. Ha ha Frogs singing and Frogacidial Granny I feel I have found my ideal blog

    Kate xx

  2. Frogs croaking is just about the best sound we can here in spring. Its a sign that winter is over and warm weather is coming. A very welcome sound and I'm just glad I'm still able to hear them when they finally emerge from hibernation.

  3. I remember the spring peepers that used to set up a chorus in the little swamp near my grandparent's house. They were loud to begin with, but you could also raise an echo between the house and barn, so the frogs singing echoed back and forth on top of their own volume and the sound seemed to amplify to the Nth power. I swear it made your ears hurt!

  4. Hi Kate! I read your blog and enjoyed it-but don't remember how I got there. Glad you visited on a day I was not ranting on some silly political point...
    Ralph-Not sure what it means Feb 9th... Kind of makes me nervous!
    Gorges-But it ain't spring! They were really loud this evening. See, Global warming is really a good thing!

  5. I'm just glad that King Barrack is getting HIS share of "global warming" these days!


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