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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feed grinding and odd jobs

We are fixing up an old shed for a shop. This is a long process. My helper is doing it. I am staying clear to some extent.
I sold some feed. I get paid in eggs. $200 a ton in eggs is a lot of eggs. Wonder how this will work out. Hopefully some cash will be coming soon. The egg-man brought me a feed mixer. It is an old Geil 75 or something. Perhaps I'll post a photo later. It needs a little work. Lots of bearings out, The inside of the tank has a sprayon liner but the bottom of the tank does not. The bottom is rusted out. The bottoms of the augers are rusted out. The fellow hauled it all the way from eastern Oregon. Perhaps I'm just negative.
A fellow wants some crappy straw bales. I need to move all my feed operation to get at the bales. I got my bags wet so I'm drying out the bags right now. I need to grind one bag of triticale and mix in with the horse feed. This will get rid of the extra bags setting around.
Then perhaps I'll try spreading fertilizer.


  1. THere is no end to fixing old sheds. My favorite hobby.

  2. This is a miss-adventure. My helper is doing it all. New posts,new walls, and a new door. Should have built a new shed.
    If only we could concrete for the floor. If someone wants to donate $4,000 I will be very thankful. I will even write their name in the concrete. Or name the building after them. Perhaps I could get corporate sponsorship. The Mail.Com building or the AOL building. It would be fitting to call it the AOL building as it is out of date and everything is going slow...

  3. Didn't Studebaker factory have a packed earth floor? You could hammer on your most intransigent projects in the South Bend service bay.


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