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Monday, February 1, 2010

I bought a woodstove

We went after it Sunday evening. It is a Jotul Model 8TDC. It is a catalyst wood stove. That is not the type I wanted but somehow there was a miss-communication with the buyer. This has never happened before. Now I have to install the stupid thing. Why did I think a wood stove was a good idea?
We bought it from a lady in Portland. Her house is straight out of 1940. Clawfoot tub and pedestal sink. Wood wainscotting (sp?), old fixtures, old lamps, old table, old stuff galore. They did not have outdoor lighting. She said it was because if it was lit up people would come and visit them.
I find that very amusing as my wife says they are Jehovah Witnesses.
Guess they know how it feels...


  1. Came over from Ole Bob to say hi, and I just loved your blog!
    Have a great day!

  2. Sounds like they've got all their priorities right except one! BTW, Jotul is a top-notch stove, but then you probably already know that.

  3. Alright! Waiting for photo of the lazy farmer got his feet up on it!

  4. Betty, Thanks for visiting. I actually had kind of a crappy day but of course it could have been much worse! Please visit again!

    Gorges, You probably have read my early feelings towards the Jotul at this point.

    Collieguy, I've got a rocking chair. Feet on the fender and a cup of coffee. If only I could learn to play the guitar or fiddle or banjo or harmonic or what they used to call a "Jew's" harp but I suppose it is called something different now.


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