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Friday, February 5, 2010

Love and Happiness

I'm having a hard time getting to work this morning. I pulled the blinds last night and overslept. How can anyone sleep past 7:30? 
I have two aluminum wheel hub covers to repair. The oil level plugs are stripped and stuck. They show signs of abuse. I tried to order gaskets from AGCO. Called the dealer and after a number of cross references it recommended silicone sealer. I guess I could have figured that out...
Yesterday should not have been a bad day.
I called Loupe Electronics and explained that I was an idiot. The fellow said he thought it was also his fault and he would make me up a new wiring harness at no extra charge. I would just send him a check for half of it or something but I discovered that I am broke.
I love this aspect of farming or small business. Even if I  know I will run up against the budget wall it still shocks me to go from $20,000 to $500 in two weeks. Of course I bought a couple 16 mm movies on Ebay, a lego train, an iBook for my employee, a battery for my wife's iBook, two real mercury thermometers (one for my family, one for brother, a sure shot sprayer (quart can that you can pressurize with compressed air and shoot oil on stuff). And at the Ag show, yogurt covered raisins, wasabi peas (for uncle Rod) three rolls of special tape that can seal hydraulic leaks, my Capital Press subscription, and a years supply of gloves.
Last night I had to go pay Crazy Mark who is working on my pickup. He is running low on cash. I am really worried about his health. He is losing weight. He has some pancreatic problems. That is another story.
I lost the special pliers I use to remove the seed tubes on the drill. I drove to Mark's shop to pay him and find the pliers. He loaned me a pair to try out. Mine were back home on my shelf where I dump my pockets every evening.
That is when I discovered I am broke. I called the fellow whose father-in-law owes me $5,000. He said he will get the money coming. Then he told me he lost a contract for 200 eggs a week or month. Hmmm, that would make a difference wouldn't it. Anyway I felt bad and now will be supplied with eggs for the next few weeks.
Wife to S. to see her Aunt and Uncle in Junction City and spent the night. I found my Al Green double album best of CD. I tried it out. Not really the same in the new house.
In the old house I had the big old fireplace, an easy chair, crappy old wood paneling which looked pretty good in the firelight. When the rain was pouring down and I had a good fire going and some music going and perhaps a little nip from the ole brown jug, I could reach a nice happy spot and kind of drift away for a few hours.
Don't have the setting in the new house.
I should be going to the clover meeting. I just don't want to talk to anyone. I just don't think I can set through a morning of meetings. I don't want to work, but I can't sit still either. I feel like my head is going to explode. It is blah, blah, blah, clover, blah, blah, bad prices, blah blah, blah, innoculant, blah blah, pH, blah, slugs, blah, blah, no-till....huh! What! DId some body call my name?!!! doesn't work, blah, blah, garth did it with a no-till John Deere, blah, blah, John Deere is superior, blah, blah, if you have good ground you can do anything, blah, blah, blah... And I start drawing pictures on my program and just kind of drift away....


  1. Gosh Budd, is that print small or are my bifocals suddenly worthless?

  2. Hey, Budd E, is that dude on the soap box one of your program notes? Hope you have a scan file going to save your margin drawings. In my glorious career as a real farmer, in years of attending really boring and in the long run futile ag meetings, margin scribbles, drawings and non tangential musings proved the only things worth keeping.

    Your fun and quirky drawing style suggests a caption contest...


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