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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Haiti is run by Morons but people who comment on NPR stories are worse...

Check this story out-then read the comments. NPR listeners live in a different world. I swear the 21st century is upside down. Baptists from Idaho are evil? There are real villains in the world. People are killed and exploited and raped and turned into zombies (and that is just in Haiti) and the idiots who commented on the NPR story actually believe that those horrible Christians were stealing children.
We are all headed for the re-education camps and it is going to be your well meaning friends and neighbors who send you there. Happened in Russia, China, Vietnam, Germany, and the list goes on.
If you got here by a link look at the post just before this one to see what brought you here...
So, I read a few more articles and I am amazed at the advanced reasoning displayed.
There is always the statement, what if a bunch of Mexican Catholics or Islamic people came to the US and tried to take a busload of children out of the country after Katrina, or those horrible Christian do-gooders, throw them in jail.
Doesn't even compare. The country is in chaos. The US was not in chaos, only New Orleans. The rest of the areas hit by Katrina were devastated but because they were not idiots and did not have Ray Nagin for mayor, they coped-without being on the news... (that was just being mean, sorry) Christian do-gooders are evil. Yeah, they are going to torture people with an aid bundle and a Bible. That will be painful. Lots of times those mean Christians don't cut off people's heads. Sometimes they do say negative things. I really hate that. Those hypocrites. Phonies I callem. or is that a kind of flower, I don't know but I'm sure angry. What right do they have to tell me not to take drugs and be a chronic... oops too much info...


  1. I read the link. I guess we should pity such folks. Unless they seriously change their outlook, their next life will be spent in a place that makes Haiti seem like the Arctic Circle.

  2. You know they don't like you, don't you?

  3. It is a Voodoo vs Christian thing I suppose. Probably a bit more to the story on both sides. It was a really stupid idea to take those kids into another country. And it was kind of stupid to just go there and try to do something without coordinating with anyone else. But, they were not stealing children. That is giving them way more credit than they deserve. Just put them on the next flight out of the country and don't let them back in. Pretty simple solution.


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