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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bleach may look like carpet cleaner but it is not...

Sadie and I are reading "The Horse and His Boy." Sadie went to bed a little early tonight. She wore her shoes in the house and tracked mud on the carpet. She tried to clean it up, but got spray bleach instead of carpet cleaner. Not such a good plan.
I was getting my pickup from the mechanic at the time. It pings under acceleration. I have to take it back.
I accomplished nothing today. We attempted to shore up an old shed. We went after lumber which we salvaged from an unfinished project at the neighbors. We went after the truck. I get nothing done.
I came in and laid in bed with Sadie and read a chapter to her.
I suppose other kids wished they could find a world like Narnia. Find out that they were really a prince from Archenland who meets a talking horse and a princess and so on and so forth. Wonder if the lion would keep me from falling over the cliff or turn me into a donkey. I fear the latter.
She went to sleep and I kept reading.
I walked around the house opening all the closets but failed to find anything behind the coats. I'm thinking I will wake up tomorrow morning in a manufactured home, in an old machinery lot, with a falling down barn to repair and a bad attitude.

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