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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Amazing Discovery: People who comment on news stories online are morons!

I was wandering around the internet looking for stories about evil baptists and I came across this example of the horrible intolerance of Christians.
So this fellow participated in a rape when he was 15. Later he works for the government where he takes reports on these sorts of crimes. Over time he feels convicted about this crime he committed. His pastor warns him he may go to jail but encourages him to make this right. So he goes and asks his victim for forgiveness. He is also campaigning to change African societal ideas that lead to rape.  Those darn Christians are at it again....
The comments are funny. Lots of people from the USA say he should do more as an apology is not enough. Do more? Perhaps he should cut his wackamadoodle off and mail it to Desmond Tutu? Shoot himself? Demand to be thrown in Jail?
The guy has self analyzed what caused him to commit the crime. He wants to change the culture that led to it. The commentators parrot the BS learned in women studies 101. Of course they don't apply that to Portland Mayor Sam Adams doing an underage intern as SA is a well-off white liberal gay man.
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  1. We all get self-righteous at times, but what those still condemning the gentleman forget is that he was only 15 at the time. If they try saying that they weren't at least a little affected by peer pressure at that age, then they're liars besides.

  2. But, there is no promise of redemption/forgiveness of sin in the new religion. Just arbitrary rehabilitation-or rewriting of history.


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