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Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Office, Budd E. Shepherd on Facebook, James Brown's song in a Laxative Commercial

My family has come to be supportive of the Lazy Farmer blog. There is some consideration that their names and photos are not spread all over the net. The lovely and gracious Mrs. Shepherd has issued a ban on all photos of herself posted by me online. They say it as made me a much happier person.
I think this is based on the fact that many times after spending time in the Lazy Farmer room I emerge with a silly grin, I jump in the air, kick my heels together and exclaim, "I feel good! Da-na-nah-nah-nah-nah-so good!"  I think that has more to do with the wonders of wireless internet, and where my office is, and what sorts of "multitasking" I can do whilst typing the miss-adventures of the Lazy Farmer...
Perhaps this has been too much information...
Budd E. Shepherd is now on facebook and the nice chap from WorkForced asked to be my friend. How did he find me? Perhaps a search. I've been signed on to facebook as Budd E. Shepherd for a year or so. I never check it or post photos. I only recently checked it out again as I wanted to look at someone's profile linked to my helper. It was very amusing but I'm not sure I can post the story here. I really want to though...
I would like an opinion from the three readers who actually comment. Should I maintain a facebook page? Would it be some sort of advantage to the publication of the Daily Strumpet? Or would it just attract an unsavory element?
Just between those who actually know me... I'm not so keen on everyone I know being a follower of "The Lazy Farmer." If so, I'd use my real name. If someone knows enough to search for The Daily Strumpet, or Budd E. Shepherd then they have proved themselves worthy to read this blog. And if I do happen to make fun of them, they do know that I most likely did not use their real name and they had to look it up. Sooo, F... them if they can't take a joke eh?
Facebook seems like a real pain in the bottom and I'm not really sure if I want to do it. So don't be offended if I ignore your friend requests. I'm probably not checking.
In other Blog related news.... is now crap. If you email me from my profile and I don't email you back it is not because I hate you. I do not have a little voodoo doll with emailer's names on it which I poke with pins and lock it in a room with banjo music playing.
I actually filled out a survey from and told them they were crap.
I did the same with farmaid. I did add that I thought Willie Nelson should smoke more dope-if possible... And that every farmer I have ever met or asked about Farmaid thought they were irrelevant.
I expect to hear back from that survey pretty dang soon.
Have a nice day.... I'm going to plant!
P.S. is it gross to drink coffee in the bathroom? I think I may have disgusted myself!


  1. Facebook, not sure if its good or bad. I've been registered there a year or so. Most of their games are way too megabyte intensive for my dial up service and I really shouldn't waste the time playing them anyway. Still its a good way to meet up with a lot of people, both good and bad.

  2. Hey Budd: I've actually got a post I've been holding about my experience with Facebook. I'll go ahead and run it for the next post (Thursday). It didn't seem like a good way to blog, but it is a good way to keep connections open with people you know. The main problem that I had is that most of my friends from the past aren't on Facebook.

  3. Dunno. A lot of people tell us we should be on facebook to flog our band, music lessons, find gigs on the way to the west coast etc.; and to network with like minded sorts, old friends, and new acquaintances. Looks to me like it might be just another time drain, though at some point I will probably test drive it. All the cool bands with a banjo in them are on there.

  4. My stepson helps a friend in his karaoke business and uses Facebook very successfully for keeping their followers informed of their next gig. I didn't even know karaoke people HAD followers!

  5. Well, I am not so sure about facebook. I think much happiness in life is determined by "controlled access..."
    I like reading people's blogs but the whole huge wall conversation thing on facebook is not what I like.

  6. A lot of people tell everyone about their life to the most minute detail to where it becomes spam. You can set it where those people's posts don't show on the wall. You can also send messages privately, but if I recall, they travel through your email, so you have to delete them both places when you're done.

  7. Went ahead and posted the Facebook piece. Be sure and check the comment.

  8. Ralph, so we could be facebook friends?
    Mr. Collieguy, there are more farmers on the facebook farm than there are in real life. People sure spend a lot of time on Facebook. You could send stupid surveys to everyone. That seems to be fun.
    Gorges, read you post. I can see your issues. People tell you trivial crap and expect you to care. I mean really trivial. Like-the sky is blue. I feel happy, sort of stuff.
    Hmm, sort of like my blog...

  9. No, not exactly like your blog. You may get a little off the wall at times plus share some personal stuff, but that's part of what makes it interesting. For the few months that I was on Facebook, I didn't have (or see anyone else have) one intelligent conversation on the screen. It IS a good way to keep connected so you can interact in other ways and at other places. It SHOULD be helpful to collieguy to publish (or get) his gigs, for instance.

  10. You should look me up on facebook. Budd E. Shepherd I think or it might me buddeshepherd. Some people have found me so it must be easy to find.
    You can link blogs on facebook and have a page where all the blogs you follow are updated every day. It is kind of cool. I don't think I will have enough time to make it really work...

  11. Thanks for brightening my day.
    You can ramble on about things better than my hound could hunt fleas.
    Keep up the stories. Tell the missus Howdy Do from down here in Ms.


  12. Thanks Bobby. I do tend to ramble!


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