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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Haitians die at hospital cause the UN is run by Morons...

The White Man: Haitians die at hospital for lack of . . .

I figured out how to link to other blogs. You click on the little icon that says "link" what a discovery. Mr. 706 sent me this link. Acres and acres of supplies in Haiti and they can't get it distributed. As the world crashes and medical people, firefighters, and policemen are more and more programmed to follow specific practices and procedues, we become more and more helpless.
Trouble shooting skills and the ability to just see a problem and fix it are no longer part of our culture.
For an example that has nothing to do with Haiti.
I got a call from friend's mother. She wanted her old tractor started. Several people had tried and it couldn't be started. Her longtime companion had mothballed the tractor before going into hospice care four years ago. No one really knew what sort of tractor it was. Just that is was red and old. I suspected a MF TO-30.
So, I loaded up a battery, some gas, sandpaper, test light, various tools, starting fluid, and away I went. It was a TO-30 and it was old. Looks like an 8N Ford. I installed a battery and checked the wire to the key, then to the coil. I filed the points. I turned the petcock on for the gas to flow to the carb. Then I looked for the starter switch.
I couldn't find a starter switch. I traced wires from the starter to terminals on the transmission. From that I deduced threre was some sort of switch in the transmission. I called and asked the Uncle for help. He didn't know exactly but the folks at coffee time said there must be a switch in the transmission. I tried all the gears looking for a start position. Low and be hold! There was a shower of sparks from behind the dash (loose ground I had missed that) and the old girl roared to life.
Now here's the deal. I'm a pretty crappy mechanic. But-my dad drilled into my head that things follow a reasonable sequence. Power flows from battery to starter, fuel flows to the carb, you start at the most simple and work your way to the point where you have to get some one to help you. Most of the time it is something simple. I am not all that good at it. I get confused, I have to start over.
I am amazed at how many people can't do it at all.
People can't figure out from a news story that the Haitian government is probably lying about the Baptists accused of stealing Children. They don't see that it is the Haitians who said the Baptists were going to sell the children. They are the ones who now say that just the leader of the group knew this was illegal. Do you see the set up?
Some of the parents say that they are shocked that the children were going to be adopted, they thought they could come see them in the care facility in the Dominican Republic.
The Baptists did not say, they were going to sell the children. What is the truth?
I could be wrong but I would say just about everything put out by Haiti is a lie. Why would it be the truth?
Here is a new story. Much better info. Again look at the idiots who comment.


  1. It WAS foolish for the church workers to try crossing a border without checking out the legality. However, it's obvious that the Haitians are just trying to extort money from the Americans. Read the comments; can't say I'm surprised. Those same people that dissed the other fellow would be strangely silent if the "kidnappers" were Muslims, Hindus or Mexicans instead of American Baptists. Just another case of mindless, self-righteous, new-age, liberal right-think!

  2. People have no stable core belief system from which to interpret events. The country switched sides-from sort of being Christians to sort of not being Christians. They are still stupid and quick to start a witch hunt and still think they know more than anyone else.
    The problem that led to racism, destruction of the environment, and greed was not God and Christianity it was the people. It is still the people, but there is no longer any hope for redemption...

  3. I met a woman yesterday who was adopted from Haiti 13 years ago. She's finally going back to see where she was born. Why did it take so long? Well, she came in on a 10-year green card, and it's taken 3 years since that expired to get her citizenship. Had she returned to Haiti without a US passport, she would never have been able to return. She hardly wants to be a Haitian now, after having been an American for most of her life. She doesn't know a word of Haitian Kreyol, and was already abandoned by her family. Yet according to the US Government, she would have been at best an illegal alien if she did come back, and at worst her adopted father would be accused of international child trafficking. I'm not making this up: a friend of mine who was trying to get a US passport for his own dual-nationality child, born to his wife in her country of origin where he was a legal resident, was told by the US consulate that he was engaged in international child trafficking by taking his own family back the US to live.

  4. White Man, Thanks for the comment. I worry that our character of government is morally corrupt. It seems to be that these are I guess you would say, "code enforcement" issues which are up to the discretion of a mid to lower level bureaucrat. I realize the top officials set the tone but the dirty work is carried out by clueless people who are totally assured of their own self worth. They must have families and hobbies and lives but yet you know they would rubber stamp you to the gas chamber and turn away a boatload of desperate refugees.
    They do their best to prevent anyone to come into this country legally but open the border to let the illegals stream across.
    Unbelievable... Like the stories you read in old magazines about OTHER countries in the 1950's.


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