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Monday, February 8, 2010

Scrap metal project

I've been feeling a touch militaristic I guess. I was making some shelf hangers for my wife out of scrap metal and I got distracted. When I was a kid I always wanted a toy gun. Toy guns were not allowed. Sometimes I made them out of scraps of wood. Once we made machine guns out of tinkertoys and stormed the couch. We got our tinker toys taken away.
So I made this toy gun out of scrap metal. Took me about half an hour. Ran out of wire for the welder so I didn't quite get it finished. I was going to give it to the kids. I see Joey has been marching around with his new campaign hat and a broomstick.
I decided perhaps this toy gun was a bit over the top. I think one could get the elementary school locked down with this. Of course I hear you can get that done with a boy scout knife-if they still have such a thing is the pathetic and stupid day and age.
Don't you think my helper has a certain communistic propaganda sort  of glow about him in this photo?


  1. Just guessing but I think in the war Joey is fighting a Sharp's Rifle was the weapon of choice. He was real dissapointed he couldn't find his blue cap.

  2. His mother may object to a toy AK 47... Perhaps I'll give it to Sadie. That should up firepower of the girl's club...


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