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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thinking about planting corn and beans

I have had a couple farmers asking me about planting corn or soy beans for them. The whole collapse of the grass seed industry has made people look to other crops. We look at those guys in the midwest and think how much money they make on soybeans and we think we can do the same.
There is a little difference in growing seasons, but there are new short season non-gmo bean varieties and tests have been done....

I've also got a potential job for edible beans on 30" rows but the fellow wants it done precision. Of course since I don' town a John Deere I will have to adapt. We do have a White 5100 air planter and I have heard they can be made to work. (tongue in cheek reference to some fellow who is off in New Zealand at the moment)

So I looked up Martin row cleaners, Martin single disk fertilizer openers-which go right on the row unit and put the fertilizer exactly 2" over and 2" down, and Martin spiked closing wheels. I already made the drag chains. We have disk row cleaners that go right on the no-till opener but they are way too aggressive. I am skipping the reduced inner diameter closing wheels i think for these pricing purposes. I would get the WFM 413 row cleaners that mount to the white No-till openers unless someone tells me otherwise.
I also priced out a Loup planter monitor as we don't have a counting monitor and I have a loupe on my grain drill. The Loup will do seeds per foot and inches between seeds so that is very nice.

So here is what it all costs:
SCW-51 spading closing wheel set fits-White 5100 planters with single closing wheel $176
WFM413 Row cleaner attaches to White frame mounted double arm coulters with brackets $291
Side treader wheels $24 each row requires two
UMO-100 Single disk fertilizer opener $310
Loupe monitor $1800

$176+$48+$291= $515 per row x 6 rows = $3090 + planter monitor $1800 = $4890
$176+$48+$291+$310 (fertilizer)= $825/row x 6 rows $4950 + planter monitor $1800 = $6750

$4890 to $6750 to outfit planter, that doesn't include the simple stuff. New brushes, couple new insecticide boxes. Nor would that include a fertilizer flow monitor or control. We have a squeeze pump.

I would get $30 per acre and probably have a hundred acres of custom work... I don't even really know what would be the most important thing to do first. If I lived in the midwest I could buy used stuff.

What we have now:
Home built fertilizer injectors. I've got a much better setup I did last year when I got yetter spring loaded fertilizer injectors. I couldn't find the photo of them. This was two years ago. Planter has to be set level for everything to work correctly.

Home built drag chains made from old truck tire chains. They work ok. Think I need different closing wheels. I tried the Keeton seed firmers on one side and I think they helped a lot. I would like to try the Schafferts as they are a prettier color. AND the fellow sent me free samples! (They also don't take up so much room flopping around behind the planter.

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