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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Too old to Rock and Roll, not yet dead...

Good Grief! Aunt B. taped the 25th anniversary Roch and Roll Hall of Fame concert. We are watching it. It is kind of painful. Jerry Lee Lewis was funny, he kicked over the piano stool-very deliberately. Crosby, Stills, and Nash-oh my! They can play well but it just ain't the same.
Rock and Roll should be high energy and young. It is a different language that old folks should not understand. And we don't...
I think blues and bluegrass and even country western ages much better. You can still sit in your rocking chair and play the fiddle when you are 103 and it means something.
I think it would be pretty funny to hear MC-5 yelling "Kick out the Jams M..... F.....ers" at age 65. Of course it really doesn't matter, young people DON'T listen to the 25th anniversary of the Rock and Roll hall of fame so I guess this whole post is pointless.
Bonnie Raitt looks old and kind of sad.
I'd love to see Merle Haggard or Billy Joe Shaver. I think Billy Joe Shaver is still pretty much insane, don't think he ever slowed down so that would be good.
I saw Tom Petty a few years back and he was pretty good. He seems to be just having a good time. Of course he never really ever stopped touring and was never quite as pretentious as some...
I'd rather hear a bad Tom Petty song than a "Good" Crosby, Stills, and Nash song...
 Update: B.B. King was good
 Sunday Update: The only standouts of the show were the old footage the 40's, 50's, Just how bad Bruce Springsteen and Bono can be if they also play with Metallica. Oh my, Lou Reed was horrible! Jeff Beck was good. His base player is 20 something and amazing! See this link


  1. Well I went to hear Iggy Pop once. I think that's when I figured out I was too old for rock n' roll. I enjoyed Joe Ely a lot more. Now just give me a shot of them ole troubadours. Hank and Lefty and ET

  2. I think Iggy Pop is best experienced in 1969, if you are a young suburban white kid with a lot of pointless angst and drunk off your bottom...
    I saw Iggy Pop in 199? at the Starry Nite and it was kind of sad. He jumped around a lot which was entertaining.
    I liked the Smithereens a lot better when I saw them, they were having a good time and had nothing to prove.

  3. Must have been 1980 at I think it was called the Stardust Ballroom in LA.


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