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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I am a moron

I am always broke, but sometimes more than others. Now is one of those really broke points. I'll tell you what I did.
I have a Loupe drill monitor. I have a 15ft drill on 7.5" spacing. I have the monitor set up on every third row as I couldn't afford more row sensors at the time. This winter I ordered four more sensors to add to the ends of the drill boxes as that is where the seed runs out first. They made me up a new drill sensor harness for $150 plus shipping/reprogrammed my monitor (free) and I bought the four sensors. Before I sent the monitor in they emailed me a wiring diagram. I took it to the drill and made sure it was all correct. I measured and checked and I thought it was fine.
I get the harness and go to install it. It is no where near wide enough and the sensor wires are too close together. I knew right away what I did. It is so stupid...
I looked at the wiring diagram.
It said 7.5" between sensors. Well, yeah the drill is 7.5" but the sensors are 15" apart!
So, do I spend another $150 for a wiring harness? I think I could make it myself...
I have the old harness, it is the right width. It is made up of three wires. Each sensor has three wires that are soldered into the main harness. It has a plastic cover that is a standard autoparts store item. The connectors are just weatherpac fittings, but I have all the connectors. I just need to unsolder them from the new harness and resolder them to the old harness. There are only four new sensors. I was having some problems with the old harness but if I take it all apart I probably can find if there is a break or a cold solder joint or obvious problem.
I don't even want to call the company. They will know I am an idiot.
It is still raining but I can hear the frogs singing.
Dadburn Global Climate Change!
Then I find out the fellow working on my pickup forgot to do a leak-down test on the heads. Have to have the heads worked on. He has an excuse, I think he is dying of Pancreatic cancer but won't tell anyone.
I wanted to go with my brother tomorrow. He is hauling a load of grain from Spokane and we were going to go to the big ag show up there. I think I will just stay home and be unhappy. My wife even told me I should go.
I have to get the drill and tractor out of the shop! I spent all day trying to attach the turbo-charger. Eight stinking bolts! All were stripped...Grrrrrrr! I have three operator manuals. Can't find them. Don't know what I did with them. They are not on the bookshelf where they go. Need to set the toe-in on the front wheel drive. Replaced a tie rod end. $350 for a hunk of metal-stamped "made in China."

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