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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Apartment 3-G and a blog I enjoy called SecretOfficeConfessions

The following link is kind of a guilty pleasure. I have been reading the Workforced blog which is about life working at a nameless and mindless company in Britain. Somehow I came across this blog called SecretOfficeConfessions-click here for today's post: SecretOfficeConfessions: Angry Fishy, gloating and new responsibilities
I must have commented as Kate (the author) commented on my post about frogs and movies. She writes a continuing story. She writes good dialogue. I don't do that. I have wondered about doing my blog as a continuing narrative but I can never distill the evens down into a smooth flowing storyline. Kate puts the dialogue together so that the characters tell the story probably a bit more than the narrator does.
I mean really-does anyone give a rat's bottom about the strange and sometimes reactionary things I rant about? Of course, I did start this blog as a shout out into nothingness and then people started viewing.
Anyway...Her blog is a more interesting version of a comic strip I used to follow called Apartment 3-G. Apartment 3-G was about three girls living in New York on their own. I think one of them was from the country and one was from the city. I don't really know. They had cool furniture and were nice girls. Their boyfriends were all pretty dorky. Funny mustaches and swinging 1970's clothes. The strip seems pretty silly nowadays. But, girls moving to the city and working is a little more common place than in 1969.
Here is a link to King Features about Apartment 3-G. I found it after I wrote my post.
Lost my point...
Oh yeah. I like SecretOfficeConfessions in much the same way I enjoyed Apartment 3-G some years back... And her dialogue-I want to be able to write dialogue and oh I don't know. It's all trailing off now...

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