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Thursday, November 29, 2012

I am not as smart as I thought I once was

So I got this old telephone given to me. Somewhere I've got another one or two. I suppose the kids left them in the lawn as I let them play with them at some point.
But I am pretty sure I could hook them together to form my own telephone network.
Hand crank phone generators are fairly cheap on eBay. I've seen them from time to time at yard sales. Plus, you can do very entertaining shocking pranks on people.
Anyway, I found this book. (Click Here)
I just can't seem to concentrate on the schematics.
Perhaps I am old.
Today dad feel asleep while entering something in his computer database. He filled the entire memory up with the letter "e," sort of locked everything up and I had to restart for him. Now if only he would have been pushing the letter "z."


  1. Oh boy, is that what I have to look forward to? I guess it could be worse! I can see your dad doing that.

  2. I have a laptop that I use while I lie in bed. I can see that happening to me too. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. The letter z would have been perfect. I've done that, on a smaller scale. My uncle and a friend made their own barbed wire telephone way back in the thirties. I have no idea how and they must have been more resourceful in those days when there was no money to buy things.


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