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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Looks like the 47 percent have spoken...

My hope is that the changes won't end up with me in a re-education camp, ratted out my progressive relatives who are concerned about my regressive ways.
Or that the flagship of the US Navy doesn't get repoed by Chinese businessmen, the next time it stops in Ghana.
Or in the short term-I really hope people don't get uptight and stop buying hay again.
The few people who have small businesses are really worried about regulation and the sell-outs to unions and when they tighten their belts, it hurts.

Update before I go to work...Yes I do work sometimes!
Some reading to let get you though the next four years of our glorious leader. Actually, I don't know which way to go in my paranoia...perhaps this way....


  1. If you loved the way the country has gone for the last four years just remember what the Bedazzled Leader whispered to the Soviet representative when he thought the mic was off, "I will have more flexibility after the election."

    See you in the camps.

    Grace and peace.

    1. You think we will get the same camp? I call top bunk!

  2. Maybe we'll have a sort of blogger's reunion!

    1. You think they will let you keep that duck you are holding? No one will be able to find me as I have a censor mark over my eyes...

  3. I'll just re-build my bridge into a draw bridge and move to the highest ground. Resistance fighters welcome if they bring ducks and cows.

  4. Central Oregon GrownNovember 7, 2012 at 12:20 PM

    Too bad Mr. Romney didn't appeal to the women guess that he just didn't understand a lot of the 47% are struggling low paid women who want a voice and a choice. I for one can't do stupid! Sorry you feel the way you do about the next for years but we did survive 8 years of George W Bush...get a chance watch Will Ferrell's special, he does a good show about will keep you laughing. Best wishes and no hard feeling. Love your blog.

    1. Central Oregon, I think you illustrate the essential problem with the Romney campaign.
      Important questions were never answered.
      I think he has been on both sides of the prolife vs prochoice issue and it is a pointless consideration because his personal views would have almost no effect on actual policy. He could not issue an executive order banning abortions. He would never get a stanch prolife judge elected so it really would have no effect.
      The 47% comment was never explained. He just sidestepped it. The 47% are the people who will purposely vote themselves more government subsidies. If you are a struggling person trying to improve your life then you are not in the 47%.
      The problem is he really had to articulate that he wanted to provide solutions for struggling people so that they wouldn't need the government assistance. This was incredibly difficult to do because you are fighting against a whole culture of victimization. Low paid struggling women who are frustrated and feel that they don't have a voice provide lots of work for social workers, community organizers and tear jerker journalists.
      One of the reasons Romney lost is that he became the lessor of two evils to people like myself. I remember the last four years of Bush and the bank bailout and how we went from a balance budget and a strong economy to an Obamanation. We spent ourselves into this mess and we are not going to get out by printing more money and unlimited government spending.
      Upper middle class white people annoy me. That is also why I don't like Obama.

  5. Central Oregon GrownNovember 8, 2012 at 2:56 AM

    I only hope that when you reach my age and one of the 47% (I'm drawing my SS) you will able to see things more clearly, until then keep those rose colored glasses on, believe in what you believe and keep on farming.

    1. I have no retirement and will not get a lot of social security. I seriously doubt I will qualify for much help from the government. I doubt there will be any money left. I think my future would be better served with less regulation and less taxation and some opportunity to save money or make money. I don't want rampant inflation or high food and energy prices. Nor can I afford the coming increase in healthcare costs.
      I can tell you what will happen. You will be kept on the poverty level and I will end up there, probably actually worse when I can no longer work.
      There will not be enough money for you and there will be so support for me. We will get inflation and high food costs. The high food costs are on the way. $10 per bushel wheat is going to hurt...
      I don't see how either candidate has a plan to help.


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