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Saturday, November 17, 2012

It is still hard for me to adjust to the rain. We had some 100 plus days of sun and now it is mud. There was no transition. One day it was dust, the next it was mud.
So I am setting in my easy chair for a quick lunch of non-explosive bean soup. Yup, I banished the duck!
I am attempting to listen to KBOO on the old Dynaco AF-6 and waiting for my hay customer to return. I need to work on my antenna a bit more.
My hay customer is making his wife unload the truck, I think. He has made two trips so far today. Each time he squeezes a few more bales on. I should have taken a photo. 28 bales this last trip. The truck was swaying from side to side in the wind.
As long as he makes it out the driveway, then he is on his own.
I have a lot to do and want to take a nap.
Wonder if anyone would notice...


  1. I was considering a visit, but what with all the bean soup & you needing a nap, and the bean soup. I'll make it another time. :-)


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