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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Will someone please buy the Left Bank of the Charles guy a lottery ticket?

Cause if he wins he said:

"(6) Put $3 million into farmland, perhaps a few hundred acres in Yamhill County, something I can tell all my Cambridge friends is a winery and all my Iowa friends is a ranch. Then, because grapes and cattle are too much work, I'll find some lazy farmer to seed it down and cut it for hay a few times a year. "

I am totally the laziest farmer I know of in Yamhill County. Orin is not lazy and he lives in Benton County and MuddyValley is a rancher and he seems to keep pretty busy photographing coyotes late at night so if he is sleeping in his arm chair during daytime it is totally understandable.


  1. Who told you that? I was on the sofa!

    1. When I win the lottery I will buy you a Laz-boy and sponsor you a cable show. "Critters at night."
      Or, "Proof that Bears do poop in the woods!" Something like that.

    2. I don't think my house has room for a Laz-boy. Would you spring for a house as well? Not too large. It shouldn't make much of a dent in the few hundred million you aren't going to win..

  2. Maybe ol' Lefty will pay you that $1.8 mill you're looking for!

    1. Well if I win I'm going to buy you a Belsaw portable sawmill...


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