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Sunday, November 4, 2012

I probably have offended a loyal reader and if so I will remove this post

I hope my loyal reader does not take offense me taking her response to my previous post and using it as the subject of a new topic.
What she said really helps illustrate my frustration with the two party system and explains how we elect people who we may agree with on one issue, but totally screw us on all the other issues.

“I, being a female, having daughters, granddaughters,nieces, female friends heck even female people I don't like could not and would not vote for someone who might appoint someone to Supreme Court and overturn Roe vs Wade. I just believe that women should have a voice in what happens to them. We aren't just talking about abortion but birth control and all the rest. Romney complains about 47% takers of the system....who does he suppose will take care of these additional children who come into the world. There is enough abuse and starving children in America now...Romney doesn't see past the end of his bank book unfortunately...I know how I voted! I was a 19 year old who after 1 (one) encounter found herself pregnant, I saved everything I could, sold my car, moved to Portland from a small town, and stayed 5 months until she was born and adopted. Oh yes, the father......well you see he had other plans, he wanted to continue with college, he wanted a real life, he wasn't willing to even give up 9 months to help me.. in fact once when I asked him for help, he did show up in Portland with a small handgun and threatened me. But please note Mr Romney....that I went the distance and have lived 45 years with the heart ache but it was

First of all the above commentary story shows a great strength of character and should be held up as an example of doing your best to do the right thing in the face of adversity. 
It should be an endorsement of Gary Johnson…
But to be blunt, What you are reacting to is basically BS put out by the Democrats to scare you into voting for their candidate.
Because, if you are really realistic about it all, the only argument about abortion is the legality of third trimester abortions. Roe v. Wade will never be overturned.
One justice on the supreme court will no longer be the deciding vote on an appeal to Roe v. Wade.
Why am I so sure of myself?
Well, I listen to conservative talk shows which give me the opposite propaganda and tell me that Democrats are baby killers and godless and want to force teenagers to have abortions without telling their parents.
Neither argument is true…
In fact much of what you hear is not correct.
Obama is most likely not a Marxist. Rather, he is pretty middle of the road (keeping in mind that MOR has shifted to the left in the past 40 years) and he has a lot of influences from the radicals of the 1960’s but he certainly has not upset the greedy capitalist establishment-or at least those who got him elected.
Likewise Romney is not really completely a horrible soulless capitalist who will put seniors and pregnant women out on the streets.
He won’t even have the guts to reform the welfare system. He will just shift a little money here and there and sure there will be an outcry but we will still go broke.
The 47 percent will still hate him and imagine that he is causing them to suffer out of personal animosity but he won’t cut them off.
Likewise Obama will not really end any wars or make it legal to kill a baby once it cries or cut off funding to the greedy capitalists who endorsed him. No, he will appoint a bunch of smarmy liberals to key posts and they will regulate every aspect of your life, but they won't take away your abortion rights because that is the holy sacrament of the Left in America.
I think they will both still keep printing money till we go broke…
I personally believe that Obama will restrict more personal liberties and constitutional freedoms than Romney. I hope that as a greedy capitalist Romney will stop spending money somewhere, but I doubt it.
I think it was morally wrong to force Catholic institutions to pay for abortions and birth control if there beliefs oppose that.
I also think it is wrong to torture people, kill people with drones and the push of a button,  and I think you should not be held indefinitely without charges being brought. I also think it is wrong to talk mentally handicapped people to blow up buildings so you can arrest them. And it is wrong to arrest a moron for making an offensive film or to restrict free speech rights.
I have a whole long list of things I don’t like and I applied them to the two candidates. It was pretty frustrating.
I favor Romney over Obama. I could go on about why that is but it is only two days till the election and I doubt it matters any longer.
In the long run we will all be screwed...


  1. Just like 2008, the lesser of two evils.

    1. Gorges, times like these are what made people immigrate to the New World...

  2. Offending readers is the risk we take in expressing our opinions. Being able to do so is part of our liberty. We do not (yet) need to hide in a back room with a clandestine IP connection to post what we feel and think. We do not (yet) need to worry about the black helicopters coming into our living rooms when we are having a political discussion.

    It is called liberty. It is what makes this country so great.

    So, go ahead, offend me. Make my day.

    Good thoughts (Yours, not necessarily mine.)

    Grace and peace.

    1. Pumice, I just didn't want to offend that particular reader. She is a very nice person.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes you were right, 50/50 mix of acetone and ATF is actually the best penetrating oil!

  4. Eloquence of the quoted response above is one of the reasons you have loyal readers. Along with the day to day wackiness ensues alchemy that comes from mixing laziness and farming in the 21st century.

    Liberté, égalité, fraternité, Strumpeteré!!

    1. Collieguy, per your email this morning- in lazy farmer fashion I never got past the drinking coffee part. In desperation I went and washed my grain drill.
      The alchemy is not what it was in the days of the Daily Strumpet. Page views are down and I'm not getting new readers. I think that perhaps the esoteric mix of outdated audio, odd farming techniques, IH trucks, Studebakers, Banjo players, Lazy Farmers, independent politics, and The Legendary Stardust cowboy does not attract a lot of google searches.

  5. Central Oregon GrownNovember 5, 2012 at 9:25 AM

    Why should I be offended? Your blog back was great....I grew up in a family that during and after dinner, my father always had a subject for discussion and we never knew which side he stood on...we often were found still at the table 2 hours later. Many of our friends like to come over but more to visit with my Dad and stay for those lively conversations. I miss those debates, no one got angry or yelled to be right AND no one left the table or our house feeling bad. So
    keep blogging and I will jump in once and awhile. I know that both have problems but you are right, a person needs to vote as their heart and head tells them NOT the stories (lies) throughout the campaign. I just gave you an example of one thing that concerns me....but I have more..........The US will survive under both leadership but I think either way there will be problems.

  6. It seems like a blogger has to say something offensive or controversial to get much response sometimes. Having said that I don't find anything offensive on your blog. I rarely comment on political subjects, even Canadian politics.


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