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Saturday, November 3, 2012

The other reason I don't want to vote for either

Issues of huge importance are ignored.
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There are issues in North and South America that are of huge importance.
But yet we spend all our time, resources, lives, and political good will annoying the religion of peace. We are doing all we can to spread radical Islam by proving that the fellow that the say bombed the WTC was correct, but yet...
There is a violent drug war in Mexico, South America is probably going to be part of China in 10 years and we call the refugees streaming across the border illegal aliens and refuse to do anything at all.
Get the heck out of the mideast and take care of those who should be our friends and allies.
Of course you know they would screw it up.
Sell guns to druglords or something... oh wait, already did that...


  1. I couldn't have said it better. If only the major political parties could see the logic in it as well. No such luck. Graft is alive and well with political lobbyists and yet we look down our noses on bribery in Mexico as a way of life. It's called "ethnocentrism" and we practice it in a big way and over-look our own faults and needs to line the pockets of a few.

  2. Central Oregon GrownNovember 4, 2012 at 10:30 AM

    I, being a female, having daughters, granddaughters,nieces, female friends heck even female people I don't like could not and would not vote for someone who might appoint someone to Supreme Court and overturn Roe vs Wade. I just believe that women should have a voice in what happens to them. We aren't just talking about abortion but birth control and all the rest. Romney complains about 47% takers of the system....who does he suppose will take care of these additional children who come into the world. There is enough abuse and starving children in America now...Romney doesn't see past the end of his bank book unfortunately...I know how I voted! I was a 19 year old who after 1 (one) encounter found herself pregnant, I saved everything I could, sold my car, moved to Portland from a small town, and stayed 5 months until she was born and adopted. Oh yes, the father......well you see he had other plans, he wanted to continue with college, he wanted a real life, he wasn't willing to even give up 9 months to help me.. in fact once when I asked him for help, he did show up in Portland with a small handgun and threatened me. But please note Mr Romney....that I went the distance and have lived 45 years with the heart ache but it was
    MY CHOICE!!!!


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