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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nature vs Nurture?

So the Neo-Nazi's son shot his Dad in the head with a .357 because. The kid says it was because his dad was a bad father and hit him, and that he saw the same thing on a TV show and the kid didn't go to jail.
He may have also thought his dad would not actually die, but would recover and his parents would not divorce and unicorns would frolic on the lawn.
I like to read the comments below stories. Mostly to laugh at the total idiots who voice their stupid and ill-informed opinions on the internet. (ironic comment there)
Here is the initial story...
Here is the recent follow up story.
Of course the comments are along the lines of crazy kid from crazy family raised on guns and racist beliefs.
What I wonder is, does the sort of father who so enthusiastically embraced the Nazi belief system and liked to get into street fights have a genetic disposition for solving problems with violence? Would this be passed on to a child?
I see myself as a child in my child in the way she reacts to issues and in the way she thinks. How much is genetic I wonder...
On the other hand if you talk about killing people and violence and using guns to kill people in front 10-year-old constantly I would expect a really bad outcome.

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