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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Killing, or at least really annoying ants...

I have nothing against aunts but we are being infested with ants. Well, actually, we saw four, which then led to a little trail of cute little sugar ants crawling up the wall.
We bought some borax. Couldn't find the 20 mule team, so we settled for the Happy Sun Joy 15.5 mule team version. The particles are metric sized and it is made in China.
Probably due to Mitt Romney selling the company to the Chinese...
Being the obsessive type, and not really wanting to go to work today, I made three different mixes.
1. 1/2 Borax, 1/2 sugar dry mix
2. 1/2 Borax, 1/2 sugar mixed with hot water to get it into a super-saturated solution. Then I soaked cotton balls in the mix and put them on a saucer on the windowsill.
3. The above mix with an extra teaspoon of borax and a dollop of pancake syrup. In a small bowl.

My experiment is because I put the dry mix on the floor under the hole and in line with the ant trail and I put the other two mixes on the windowsill above the hole.
At noon the ants were in the dry mix but had not discovered the other two.

We shall see what we shall see....


  1. My straight-laced late great-aunt mis-spoke and came up with a novel solution one day when she told her son to "piss on those step-ants."

  2. I tried it for roaches and carpenter ants in Florida. It was supposed to stick to them by way of static electricity. It would cause scratches being sharp, and let infective agents in. However, not having air-conditioning at the time and it being always humid, there was no static electricity to be found. The nooks and crannies of the house have dust to this day. I never thought about using it internally. I found some banned insecticide & solved the problem. Probably for ever. (I still have some here) :-)

  3. They are really going for the sugar borax mixture. Probably just feeding them.


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