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Friday, November 2, 2012

The impossible choice

Came into the house to check my email to see if the fellow that might buy ALL our hay likes the samples he took.
Found The Classic Liberal's take on the Obamney Election of 2012.
I got into an argument the other day about the election. I know I am supposed to vote for Romney. I actually registered to vote for the first time in years so I could NOT vote for Obama.
The more I learn about Romney the less I like him. The more I hear him talk about foreign policy the more I disagree.
I think I may vote for Gary Johnson.
I don't have much hope with the argument that voting for an alternative candidate will change either of the major parties. It will just make them more intrenched.


  1. I'm with you. I don't care for either major candidate. (There is something very compelling about Johnson's campaign ad that you link to!:-))
    The hope is not that it will change either major party, but that eventually enough people will realize that it is not throwing a vote away, and that the other guy might just have a chance.

    1. I think you should vote for the person you think will best represent you and the country. I don't like this voting the one you think will win.

  2. I believe in voting for the lesser of two evils. Johnson isn't even in the running, so I guess he isn't evil enough. I don't feel there's any moral high ground in deliberately letting the greater of two evils win, just to keep from soiling your hands in the dirty process by not voting or voting third party. Just another opinion; take it for what it's worth to you.

    1. Gorges, I believe it is wrong to compromise on matters of conscience. Of course I do it all the time and that is one of the reasons that one day my head will just explode. I lack the moral fortitude to actually live up to my convictions.
      That being said...
      I was going to vote for Obamney right up to the point of filling marking the box on the mail in ballot and I had a flashback to the time I voted for George Bush and we got a war and the economy crashed and Christian people were not protected in the MidEast.
      My the person I voted for because I thought he could get elected violated my belief system in so many ways. I have to vote for the person I believe will do the least harm, regardless of his electability.

  3. I understand your frustration but I am with Georges on this one. Romney was not even on my list during the primary, he was that low but as I have often said, "The only thing that could make me vote for Bob Dole was Bill Clinton." You can substitute names for different elections.

    I looked at the site you linked. I did not read the entire thing. If I had it might have changed my mind but what I did read was the typical stuff that I hear from Progressives every day.

    Can we survive four more years of Obama? Not if we value the liberty we have left. But if he wins I will continue to live the best life I can and get ready for the persecution. I have read the book and I know who wins.

    Grace and peace.

  4. Pumice, Mitt Romney makes me nervous as a Christian. I have been unable to decide if his commitment is to his faith or to making money. If we want to talk Christianity then his views on foreign policy really disturb me. He seems to want to follow the speak irrationally and carry a big stick policy that is the hallmark of the past 15 years of US policy. I hear a sort of commitment to Israel but where is his commitment to Christians being killed by the religion of peace?
    I don't think "lip service" to what he thinks are the Christian views on abortion and Gay love are enough to win my vote.
    AND I think the persecution could come just as swiftly from a Republican president. The so called Patriot act and Dept of Homeland came from George Bush who claimed to be a Christian but yet allowed things to go through which will be used to put us into the re-education camps.
    Again, this is my opinion...

  5. I think no matter who wins, the world will continue its downward spiral and I will do the best I can, to be the best I can be, despite it all.

  6. I think it spirals downward till there is a serious catastrophic event and then starts with nothing, builds to the the point where people become total idiots and then crashes again.
    Which is not to say that the human race or this earth will continue forever.

    1. We will probably do enough damage to the earth to make it impossible for more than a small percentage of mankind to exist. Then it will have just enough time to maybe recover before it starts all over again. No telling how soon this will happen, but I doubt in our lifetime.


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