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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Development trends in our hip and sustainable city of Portland. I don't know if one should laugh or cry or ponder the concept of irony.

I read Jack Bog's Blog every day. It has too many "B's" for me to say out load but i enjoy it anyway. As someone who is partially dyslexic I sometimes get confused and it is about canines in Portland and then I am a big disappointed. But, it is always interesting.
Here is a post on development in the city which prides itself on embracing all the buzzwords. Sustainability, Diversity, and the preservation of historic places.
Mostly the the preservation of historic places is important if that history spot happens to be owned by the McMinimum (spelling? I'm in a hurry, short lunch break at 2 p.m.) Brothers and being turned into a brewpub.
Anyway you need to first click on this link to YouTube and then click on this link to Jack Bog's Blog entry and read about another ugly development in Portland.
Portland is a pretty neat city. Lots of cool old bungalows from the 1940's and old brick buildings that must have been something interesting years ago. I still have not forgiven the city for tearing down the old Henry Wienhardt Brewery down by Powell's City of Books. (Which used to be the most cool used bookstore in the world.) The smell of warm malting barley in the air on a cold winter night while on your way to hear some obscure band in some hole-in-the-wall venue, or just wandering around looking at weird people, is a fond memory from my college years.
But, all must change, and now the little snobs who displaced the funny old hippies in the dive bars in Portland run the city. It reminds me how much I hate progressives...
Anyway, if you want to keep on track of what happens in Portland read this blog. The fellow probably doesn't appreciate a link from a grumpy farmer who lives off of government payments and blocks traffic on Highway 18 with wide farm equipment, not to mention I once burned a wheat field, but I find him interesting.
Have a nice day, I'm going back to shoveling clover seed. It is cold out today.

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