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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Post

My lovely wife and I traveled to Seattle. It was nice. We saw a Christmas display where pigs were pulling a sled.

And we saw a banjo player.
And we found out we would probably die a horrible death from lung failure due to the lack of filters on the incinerator at Pike Place Market. I know this because I saw several people fall over dead in front of the communist book store. They explained in depth how and why as they died and also seemed to talk a lot while they were dead. I wanted to take a photo but there were a lot of cops around and I know they don't like to have their photos taken, so you will all have to imagine it all.
Then we looked at cheese. There was a lot of cheese...

And then we came home.

Anyway... here is a nice Christmas card for you all...

and a little puzzle and I hope you all have a nice Christmas!

And a nice Christmas song for you all...


  1. I see someone was offended already. Must be the cheese.

  2. And I keep a 24 hour fire burning in the 100 year old wood furnace in the basement this time of year. Perhaps the government should give me free electricity. I hear eating an excessive amount of cheese will cause you to fall over dead too.

  3. Well if offends people I will just cut the cheese... out.. remove.. whatever.

  4. Merry Christmas! Sorry for the lack of replies lately. Christmas tree Ops finally over, I can now focus on more important matters, like falling asleep with the computer on my lap while contemplating which brand of bourbon is superior and listening to obscure Willie Nelson.

  5. I hope enough people tipped the banjo player so he could get a piece of that cheese. Pig looks to have a strain of moose in its ancestry. Get you marked down at the State Fair but just the breed for pulling a sled through all the mud we have this year. And the chops are huge.

  6. Orin, I hope you are now a rich farmer after selling all those trees! I hope listening to Willie Nelson does not prove to be a bad influence.

    Collieguy, the pig looked a little tough. Probably needed some of my special pig feed. I'm thinking about registering the brand, "Some Pig."

  7. And Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  8. And Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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