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Monday, December 19, 2011

Pocket Gophers in the Zoo?

I found some photos in my camera from the daughter and my trip to the Portland Zoo.

I think it is pretty funny that they have an exhibit on Pocket Gophers. I wonder if they were imported from "Gopher Valley" or if they tunneled in on their own.
We also enjoyed the Zoo train. This is the steamer. The engine that pulled us was a replica of the GM Aerotrain of the 1950's. It must be pretty unique. I am surprised Metro didn't scrap it. There must be some old guy keeping it going.

And we walked around and looked at the lights. The Zoo has a pretty cool Christmas light display. We had a good time.

That was last week or so.


  1. The Portland Zoo lights are the coolest. I saw them once a couple of years ago when visiting at Thanksgiving.


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