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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

In case you were wondering

I really have nothing to say...
The wind is blowing and it is raining. I checked the river levels online to see if my truck would go under water. Then i realized it was pointing the wrong was and I would have to tow it backwards up the hill. Then I thought about the chances of me actually rebuilding the engine and I decided not to worry about it.
Muddy Valley bought me lunch at Ashes Cafe Monday. It was a good hamburger. He also brought some Wasabe stuff which Lulu loves and an old Rek-o-Kut turntable. I have been obsessively looking at online instructions on building plinths since then. Apparently the most common scheme is to stack layers of Birch Plywood and glue them together with hide glue. It HAS to be hide glue and you don't cover up the edges of the plywood as if you do it will reflect the sound waves back into the plinth and increase rumble. Unless you leave a 1 mm gap between the plywood edge and the cover. I don't know what 1 mm is because I'm not a communist.
This is what I want it to look like...
Have not figured out how to reattach the tonearm yet.
Got a book of mystery stories for Christmas. Read a couple stories.
Went to bed early.
I do not want to go to work this morning. Rain, mud, piles of junk farm equipment, obsessive old folks, more junk, rain, cold, I think I may do some electrical wiring for my wife. If I am lucky I will get a jolt of 220 which I have read gives one super powers.  I had a nice talk with the PGE inspector last year and made it a point to ask him if he knew of any instances of people gaining super powers after being shocked, perhaps in conjunction with a bite from a radioactive spider and he said "NO." I'm sure it is always covered up as they don't want people running around sticking to buildings and throwing lightning bolts with their fingers.
Have a nice day...


  1. Budde, you don't have to be communist to know what a milimetre is, just Canadian. The metric system was imposed on us some 40 years ago and I have had to become bilingual speaking both imperial and metric measure. And now when I discuss it with you folks south of the border I have to allow for U.S. measure as well. Keeps the brain cells working I guess. Oh and that milimetre, theres about 25 of them in an inch I believe.

  2. Ralph, Yes, imposed on Canadians by COMMUNISTS! I figure if we covert to the metric system the next thing you know we will all be riding bicycles and be confused about our sexuality and have Vladimir Puto, for president... Oh, wait, that is pretty much Oregon in a nutshell. Perhaps I should rethink my xenophobias.

  3. I once knew of a fellow who demonstrated superhuman powers of song and dance after peeing on an electric fence. The effect wore off pretty fast, and he never seemed particularly interested in repeating the experiment.

  4. I hope you are able to restore the turntable. The one in the picture is really elegant looking. I love good looking music machines.

  5. Yes I was wondering what you were up to so I cam to look. Looks like winter wet weather in Oregon and that has stretched to this east coast this winter. It's finally back down to 26 degrees this morning where it is supposed to be, not that big cold rain we had Tuesday. Friends have been buying me lunch all month too, I wonder what is up with that.

  6. Collieguy, what is it about the electric fence? A siren song that calls you dumb-arses to pee upon it? I once had a young employee who wanted to do the same thing. I knew for a fact the fence was a 100 watt bulb with one of those old balance spring things to interrupt the current. I made him promise never to "mark" that fence, but perhaps may have dropped a few remarks expressing my thoughts on electricity giving one amazing superpowers and perhaps he did not interpret those comments as being highly influenced by Spiderman comic books.
    That fence did not give him amazing superpowers, rather it knocked him on his bottom and he wet himself... Life is full up sorrow!

    msladydeborah-I have goals and plans but do not always accomplish those goals. It could be beautiful but would I ever sell it? Or would it languish on my shelf until covered in dust? And would my daughter eventually give it to GoodWill in my doddering years? And would I care?

    Ed-I try not to read to much into acts of generosity. I also try not to order the most expensive thing on the menu in the hopes that such acts of generosity will continue. You should look at the Contrary Farmer (see blogs I follow) He is talking about no-till.


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