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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Who reads this thing anyway?

Ok, someone just started following me as it says there are 39 followers. Pumice is now at the front of the list but I've followed Pumice for a while and commented back and forth.
The other day I checked my statistics and there are 34 people who check this blog every day. According to the stats they are the same people-returning customers so to speak. There are also some 20-30 random hits from my local internet provider but they are not always the same.
There are a couple odd fellows from from Canada who check frequently and some character from the Albany Mennonite Home who also checks about every day. Probably a has that "old-timers" disease and forgets to shut his computer off...
Then there are random hits based on searches for key words like, can cows walk down stairs, and "alien farmer sex party," and why the click on the Lazy Farmer when doing a search for the latter is beyond me.
The Other McCain has sent me 896 hits this year and I thank him very much!
I think it may be a bit off the usual interest of conservative blog readers. But I also get links from The Eye of Polyphemus, The Griper, and some fellow whose blogger photo shows him holding what looks like a chicken.
All in all I get around 3500 hits a month. I don't know if this is good or bad. I have not been commenting much on other folk's blogs and have not been looking for new blogs to comment on. I suppose I should.
Kind of interesting to look at the stats. I don't know what they mean.
I guess I just I hope someone got a laugh out of the Lazy Farmer today.
I'm going to bed. Seems like a good enough home remedy for me!


  1. I read your posts. I will admit that even though I live in Ohio, my working knowledge about farming is limited. Your posts provide me with some insight that I would not have otherwise.

    I look at my stats and I kind of understand what they mean. But I write to satisfy myself. My readers are like icing on the cake.

  2. Well Budde, as one of those odd guys from Canada I have to say that I read your posts religiously. You have a talent for taking the ordinary unexceptional details of life and writing them in a way that makes us want to read more and wonder "whats next?".
    The stats are a bit of a mystery sometimes. Like why is my last years posting of my first run with the 7721 JD combine consistently my highest page viewed every week? Most viewers are from the U.S. but theres 4 from Russia, a couple from Bahrain and a few others ranging from Argentina to India but no comments. Maybe they do not speak english and only hit my blog by accident for the pictures?
    Anyway, keep up the good work Budde. Its entertaining and inspiring.

  3. msladydeborah, Thanks for reading. I find your blog interesting as well, as it makes me step outside my personal experience. It is also about issues I am interested in. Gives me some perspective.
    I started out writing for my own satisfaction but my blog stats make me wonder if there is an audience out who find farming foibles funny.

  4. Hi Ralph, You have a unique service provider so I figured out you are a reader. I find your farming blog and family history blog very interesting. I don't see why you don't have more followers. You tell the NAT people you have a blog? The 7721 was interesting to see and there is little info on the combine. So you get hits every time there is a search for it. Likewise my most viewed post is title, "Going to the Dentist and Discussing Post Modernism." I think I got way off subject and forgot about Post Modernism so I guess that explains the lack of repeat readers.
    I often wonder about the readers from far off countries. Are they farmers far from home or are they people wondering about life in our countries. Anyway, thanks for the complement. Nice International truck, mine died.

  5. Hey Budd, I use statcounter and the google counter, too, and they NEVER agree, so I'm not sure what's up. I'd like to brag about how more folks stop in than I ever expected, but I know darn well that the things count my own visits, even though I've done the little techie thing to supposedly prevent that. I thinkm in the end, we write to preserve our sanity (if there's any left) and to communicate with our new-found friends. Keep bloging, the blogosphere just wouldn't be the same without you. The "chicken" would miss you, too!

  6. I check in a lot to see if you've written anything, usually you haven't. My blog is pretty much there because I thought I had to sign up to be able to complain on yours, so it doesn't get any traffic. Probably because I don't write anything. Perhaps someday I will.

  7. Gorges, the stat counter never agrees with the Google analytics. You have done a very good job of networking with your blog but I see you do work at commenting more than I. I often do not have time to comment on the updates on my favorite blogs. I do enjoy your stories. You inspire me to proof-read. You probably can't tell...

    Muddy, Not writing will result in no traffic. You could blog about your worthless tenant who won't pay his rent and leaves mowers in your field.

  8. One more thing to check up on.
    You write nice. Also use you as a link to all the blogs you follow. Puts me in a different mindset at times to read from your view points.


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