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Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Sunday Rant

I did not go to Church today. My wife proclaimed me sick yesterday and asked my brother to find someone to replace me in the service.
So, I have been home in bed mostly but I did mess around with the wireless network so we can listen to Christmas music on internet radio.
I see a pickup come into the driveway and pull up to the hay shed. We have a combine and the truck full of feed and the Mixer/grinder and another truck in front of the hay. It is raining and cold. I've been sick as you all know.
So my cell phone rings. It is the hay customer. He has been here before. He knows I generally go to church on Sunday. He knows it annoys me to do hay sales on Sunday. He knows how much hay he has left.
But yet he persists. To be fare he does load the truck himself. But this is not the first time the hay has been blocked and I have not answered the phone.
Why can't hay and feed customers figure out they should call before they can see the bottom of the feed barrel or they are down to their last bale of hay?
What is wrong with just leaving folks alone on Sunday afternoon? Unless you have pie or "home remedy," or want to listen to the Legendary Stardust Cowboy, or want to be friendly (without a hot tub).
Why is that so much to ask?


  1. Some folks always want to push the envelope. Others don't even know that there IS an envelope.

  2. While I am quite guilty of working on Sunday myself, I try not to make anyone else do it. Unless it is an emergency of course. Maybe your hay customer figured it qualified as an emergency if his horses are out of hay?

  3. Maybe could fit the hay shed with a motion detector activated PA system loaded with Ledge's all time greatest hits.

  4. I guess different people have different ideas about the ox being in the ditch.

    Grace and peace.

  5. Perhaps I am just grumpy. The hay customer is actually a really nice guy. I just don't like to be bugged on Sunday. I am there every other day of the week...

    Collieguy, I thought it was illegal to set up a dangerous booby trap.

    Pumice, I think it has more to do with draggin my "Ass" out of bed... (I meant that as in Donkey)


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