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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An employee update

My helper has been quite sick. This is true. He is frequently ill. I suspect it is due to 1. His great bulk, 2. His way of dealing with stress, (see (1))
A week or so back he took couple days off and just reappeared yesterday. This morning he texted me that he had an appointment at 10 a.m.
It is kind of funny but mostly sad.
As you may know he was about to get evicted.
He needed to come up with $1,000.
Sunday the dairyman next door called up looking for my helper. When the helper was hauling manure from the dairy he got the dairyman to loan him the $1,000.
Security on that loan is my stacking bill against the dairy.
I am so embarrassed I didn't have the nerve to tell the dairy fairy he is on his own in collecting.
I so need a business manager!


  1. I am not sure that I fully understand how the loan is supposed to be repaid. Is the money supposed to come from work wages that are earned from you? Am I understanding this correctly?

    This seems to be a big risk on the part of your employee. Especially if he's not working on a regular daily basis.

  2. My helper has many problems. He has extremely high child support payments in proportion to his income as he makes a lot of money in the summer and little in the winter. Plus, we don't pay him very well.
    On the other hand he tends to take unannounced vacations and does not like to come to work in the winter.
    I've suggested averaging his income over the year so he gets a regular paycheck but every time I thing I have a plan there is a crisis or he disappears for a few days.
    Part of the problem is he is not in good health. Part of the problem is he does not like to work in the winter.
    The loan from the neighbor was kind of a strange deal. My helper is supposed to make monthly payments to the dairy to pay the loan back.
    However, the dairy owes me for picking up hay and so it looks like I am covering the loan. The sad thing is if he would have just kept working on a regular basis he would not have needed the loan.
    I do not see how he can repay it without working more hours.
    I don't want to fire him as he is a very nice guy and he does have children to support.

  3. We're all our own worst enemies. Obviously, he's no exception.


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