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Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Pussification of America is complete

We no longer deserve to be called "Americans."
I have often wondered how we got to the point of making a policy out of torturing terrorism suspects and being able to hold them forever without actually charging them. Where and when did the general population get to the point when they would accept these sorts of atrocities?
Today I was reading the Rent-a-cop blog and came across the story of a high school science teacher who made nitroglycerin and is accused of giving three kids chloroform.
Of the three kids involved one actually had the strength of character to stand up for the teacher. “She’s paying the price for our stupidity, the cops are blowing it out of proportion." Of course the teen is unnamed.
I seriously doubt it happened the way it was reported. Nor do I think 4 ml of Nitro was enough to blow up the school. On the other hand the teacher used very poor judgment. We begged our teacher to make nitro and she said no. Even if we did figure out the chemical reaction.
So, I was doing a search for the kid's quote and came across this story in which Salt Lake cops ruined the lives of several teenagers.
They were making bombs out of soda containers and setting them off in a field. They got hit with FELONY charges. These are sort of slow motion bombs using a reaction between aluminum foil and cleaner. The idiots called out the bomb squad.
Said the police spokesman, Brave Dennis  McGowan, "If it was important enough to call them out, certainly these devices were quite harmful. With everything going on in the world, that's an additional reason why it gets the attention of law enforcement." 
What a maroon! Soft drink bombs as a WMD? It is one step beyond baking soda and vinegar! To charge a kid with a felony over a stupid prank is immoral. In fact that is the action that should be a felony!
We are a nation of pansies. No wonder Glee is a hit TV show!
And so you may ask, how does torture and soda bottle bombs tie in together? Well, let me answer that one for you. If you are such an idiot that you think kids making soft drink containers is a threat to national security you are also unable to make a larger moral and national security judgment as to the rightness or wrongness of any other issue. In short, you have no critical thought abilities. You can't do risk assessment, you can't make a simple moral decision without a specific law to guide you.
Good grief! You know it is just going to get worse!
There has got to be somewhere we can immigrate to. Leave the idiots here... 
What was that new planet they discovered? 
At some point convicted felons are going to have to form their own lobbying group. As more and more people are changed with "non-crime" felonies why should they tolerate having their rights taken from them for doing things that should not be a crime?  
This is going to get me sent to a re-education camp isn't it? 


  1. I have just followed a link to your blog...the comment was that the blogger couldn't post a comment as Blogger wouldn't let him do it... So people are agreeing with you but seem to have problem doing so. I don't want to comment re America, but I can comment about the UK population: pretty much the same applies. Common sense??? what's that??? Like sending a armed response unit because some idiot had seen a kid with a plastic gun...or the cops shooting dead a guy who was carrying a wooden table leg in a paper bag.... or arresting a guy who was heckling the then prime minister, using anti-terrorism laws...the list could go on. You are not alone!

  2. Joel, I am not sure what is up with Blogger. I don't have strict posting rules. It disturbs me that law abiding people have to have an adversarial relationship with the police. Or that you should have to seriously think about giving instructions to your kid on what to do to avoid getting shot or tazered.
    Or that so many silly things are no felonies and that people are so stupid they don't know what to do when they see a kid with a plastic gun or kids setting off firecrackers in the street, or a guy carrying home a table leg in a paper bag.
    And, you should be able to sue individual officers for wrongful arrest or death and the department-if we are no longer able to use sense in arresting people.

  3. Making explosives and rockets was a hobby when we were kids. A friend even made nitroglycerin in his basement. Ingredients were readily available at the local pharmacy & we didn't mind paying for pharmaceutical grade as it was cheap. Has everybody forgotten the term "witch hunt"?

  4. Muddy, I think making explosives is a part of every boy's life. And I think the process gives you a health respect for things that go bang, and teaches you science. I have heard that throwing small drops of Nitro at the cement floor is much better than those cheesy little snappers you get for the 4th nowadays. Plus, the idiot who blew off his hand made an excellent cautionary story.
    I don't think it is a witch hunt. I think it is 1. Incompetence, 2. Greed, 3. People are now stupid.
    If you don't believe me spend some time in a public school!

  5. Couldn't agree with you more! Hey, just who ARE those guys in the black suits that keep driving by my house?

  6. Gorges, it might be Ed Winkle on another trip? Perhaps he has Orin with him!

  7. Have you ever made a potato canon with PVC and hairspray. They are awesome and the ammo is cheap if you stick with russets. I never stopped to think about the BATF coming after us though. Thanks for the heads up. I could be a criminal and not know it.

    Grace and peace.


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