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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The biggest threat to our liberty is not from Islamic Terrorists

I'm not ever going to talk about the Defense Bill...
This fellow I know had a couple drinks at a local tavern. On the way home he was stopped by the police. He blew under the legal limit to drive a car. But...He has had a CDL. So even though he was not driving a CDL licensed vehicle he got a DUI. I think it will make his life kind of difficult.
If I get stopped driving my wife's car I could automatically get a minimum of a $500 fine for not having my medical card because I have a CDL.
According to the fellow who give me a tractor today, he heard you have to have the medical card with a Farm Endorsement but that information has only been published on a Gubment website no one actually reads.
Just get ready for the words, "papers please..."
Cut the budget...
Read Frank James...


  1. I called this country a lost cause the minute Obama was elected. When the CITIZENS are that stupid, the fault no longers resides with the politicians.

  2. The erosion of rights according to the law has been going on for years. This particular situation might be repairable with the help of an attorney. Traffic fines go to local governments and it seems that how tickets are issued out depends a lot on where you live. In my hometown it is a known fact that during the weeks of pay day, you are subject to be pulled over for the slightest infraction.

    I guess when the nation became lost is a matter of perspective. I earmark that moment in the last century and it nothing to do with any particular politician. Although I can name a couple of them that I feel helped to set the course we are currently on. The average American can barely read past the middle school level these days. Critical thinking is a skill that is discouraged or regulated into a package depending on where you are and who you are.

    One more thing before I close out my comments.
    Whenever you come and visit my blog, please share your ideas. Even if you think that you do not know anything about the topic, share your ideas. You raised some valid points on my last post and I appreciate your input.

  3. Gorges-I think the cause was lost a few years back. We are now seeing the fruits of our moral bankruptcy. Where is the opposition?

    MsLady D-The lack of literacy/critical thinking is a serious problems. We have no history. People make no connections between what happened 50-2000 years ago to what happens now. It seems to me that the difference between right and left has become a competition with selected streams of information targeting people with no history of their own. The advertising age changed everything I think. Perception = Reality.
    Thanks for your kindness in inviting me to comment. Sometimes I'm pretty much full-o-crap... I understand that...

  4. With a regular license with a farm endorsement the law states that: "A farm endorsement does not allow the transportation of farm workers or other passengers. If the driver transports passengers, a CDL with a passenger endorsement is needed."
    So if I were to give you a ride & I had a regular license with the endorsement, I would be breaking the law. If I just had a regular license w/o the endorsement I would be legal.
    Does this make any sense?
    Most laws are written by lawyers to make them more money! Most are redundant.
    In America there is one for every 200 adults.
    lawyers per adult by state:
    Sorry, didn't mean to change the thread!


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