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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Temple Grandin

Last night we watch the movie "Temple Grandin" about the person Temple Grandin.
It was a good movie and a very interesting story about an incredibly interesting person.
Temple Grandin basically invented the science of cattle handling.
Professor Grandin is Autistic and thinks visually. Because of this she is able to "see" cattle handling as the cow see's it. Her designs allow cattle to be moved quickly and humanely.
Before she studied cattle handling it was basically scaring the critter till it moved.
I remember my father talking about her work years ago when we were designing a corral. Some of it was common sense, actually when you start to think about it, it is all commons sense, but the big feed lots didn't think that way.
Anyway, you can look her up...
Temple Grandin Autism website
Temple Grandin Livestock Handling website

I find studying how people learn and make decisions to be interesting. Things like the proper way to move cattle are also interesting to me. I am amazed that small movements by a handler can move an entire herd as a unit. And how quickly loud and aggressive movements can send animals into panic.
Or why people actually climb the scaffolding to the gallows or put their head on the executioner's block. Or get up and go to work in the morning.


  1. Temple Grandin is a good film. I have watched her on You Tube and she is very intelligent and into cattle in ways that I would never think about.

  2. Thanks! Very useful & informative site.

  3. I've never seen the movie but recall reading about her in Grainews a few years ago. As well as interviews on tv. She has done well in spite of , or maybe because of the autism? I could certainly use her help loading cattle sometimes.

  4. Never heard of her. I did read the book by the horse-whisperer guy, though. It was a lot of common sense, too.

    Gallows, executioner's block, work - good comparisons!

  5. Miss Lady D-Sometimes I think I could use her hug machine. Also, moving cattle is a good education for life. You keep your distance keep calm and work along the edges of the problem. If you push them they scatter. If you back off too much the scatter. Watching someone attempt to move cattle is a good judge of character. Witness a cop trying to get a cow out of the road. Too big to tase so 99 times they shoot it. Which doesn't work so well as a cow can absorb a lot of hysterically placed 9 mm bullets. Wow, I get of subject really badly and quickly don't I?

    Muddy, I think I discussed Temple's work with your father years ago. 1980's? Back then no one talked about her Autism.

    Ralph, Her Autism and visual learning is what allowed her to see the problem. Also, without the single-mindedness of an Autistic I doubt she could have got anyone to listen to her!
    My dad read about her years ago and we tried to adapt her ideas.

    Gorges, really interesting to read about her. Her ideas really work and she is a fascinating person.
    I tend to be a little negative some times...


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