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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's a wonderful life part IV

I got a call from my uncle yesterday morning. After 30 years of the parts house building falling down, yesterday was the day to repair it.  To be fair... I've actually been working on the wall a little bit at a time for two years and this year was the year to repair his section.
Next call was my father who was having computer problems. He leaves stuff on his keyboard and it auto types so he had page after page of spaces in his price list.  I fixed it but then there was another problem. It would not "print."  Not printing has become a catch phrase for most problems computer related in my father's vocabulary. (Note, he is almost 93)
He would click  on the 2011 price list to open it and then exclaim that it was not right and it would not "print right on the screen." This meant that 1. Something in the file had changed due to the scissors setting on the keyboard for a day. Or, 2. it was the wrong file.  It did not mean the printer was not working.
After observing him opening and closing the file about five times I asked him if he really thought that it would just change back on its' own. He chuckled a little and said he didn't suppose it would, "but the correct file had to be there, it was there this morning."
So, I checked the recent documents tab and decided it must be price list 2010 and so I opened that file. Dad was still focused on clicking the 2011 file and completely missed what I did to get the 2010 file.
"There it is!" He exclaimed, "Where could that have been... Oh for pity sakes," he said.
I started to explain but then thought better of it. When I left he was trying to replicate his previous success.
Do you have to have melting clocks to qualify as surrealism?
I had find some used lumber for my Uncle and also get some sample bales of hay from Gopher Valley. So I thought I would pay my rent at Muddy Valley. I was on Muddy Valley road and realized I didn't have my checkbook. I had a nice visit anyway.
Later, I had to pick up Lulu from school and meet her mother so they could go to the dentist. I got halfway to my wife's school and realized I did not have my daughter...
Lulu thought it was pretty funny.
My wife said I should probably not tell her when I did stuff like that. 
I guess she wold rather me be late because I am a butt head than late because I am mentally challenged...


  1. I still say that it's the uncommon amount of sun we're having lately.

  2. Startin' to worry about you, Budd. I can understand the Freudian implications of forgetting a wife; but your fan club? Maybe there's too much aluminum in your deodorant.


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