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Monday, May 12, 2014

See nothing, say nothing... Why you should NEVER tell anyone in authority anything. Ratting out your friends for their own good...

"Don Miller was an amateur archeologist. He is now 91 years old and much of his collection was behind glass and in his basement. 
It is now being looted by the FBI.
What brought the FBI in to raid his basement on April Fools day? Well it certianly was not info from Russian Intel that Don was a whacko Islamic terrorist!
Nope, you see Don loved to share his collection. He made the mistake of inviting his so-called-friend, Richard M. Gramly, a Harvard-trained anthropologist to see his collection. 
Richard turned him in. Richard M. Gramly, ratted out his friend!
Don had worked on the development of the weapon to end all wars. He saved a few government surplus items.
"Convinced that it could fall into the wrong hands and that someone could potentially use it to make a dirty bomb, Gramly decided to call the authorities. ”I hate to rat someone out, but it’s no longer a private thing.” He reached out to a relative of his who was a colonel at the Pentagon, who told Gramly to contact the FBI, which he did. That was in 2008."

But what really happened? 
A soft-ball sized chunk of Uranium in someone's basement for 60 years? BS...

"Gramly is convinced he did the right thing: “Miller is getting to an age where he could die any day. How would you like to go to a yard sale and buy that nuclear device for 50 cents?” he asks. “I feel like I’ve done my duty.” (To quote the article again)

Wonder how Gramly felt about Don's artifact collection? Wonder if Gramly is just stupid? Wonder if the whole thing is a lie? Wonder why the FBI didn't just knock on the door and ask for it back?

Welcome to the modern world. Wonder if they shot his dog?


  1. I am sure that they are only doing it for his own good. It took them this long because they were probably hitting a homeless shelter to make sure that they were not serving something with transfats in it.

    Grace and peace.

  2. Its amazing the way people react over things these days.

  3. "Friends" ain't what they used to be. Then again, maybe they never were.

  4. probably saw the man's collection as desirable for himself and has found a way to get his grimy paws on it now.
    deb h.

  5. I wonder if it was just randomness. Mr. Miller got on the "list" of people they look at and some random suit just decided to go after him. Or was there something someone with influence wanted? Mr. Miller never tried to hide anything and was pretty much harmless. I suppose that was the key. A big show of force with no danger to FBI agents.


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