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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

And the work begins, Chopping silage with the G1355

Yesterday I chopped silage...
This is the view out my window.

Orin send me a hay cutting photo which I seem to have lost. He was claiming it was the 1970's. Well, we are into the 1980's up here in the North Valley.

I should be planting. I need to plant. I have flax to plant and corn to plant and oats, and barley, and other people want me to plant.
But, it is also silage time.
Red clover is grown for seed in this area. The first bloom of clover comes in a couple weeks. This is not a good time to harvest seed and so the clover is either mowed back, turned into hay, or chopped for silage.
We found the silage chopper and started servicing it.
At noon my phone started ringing. I ignored it and tucked into my steak and baked potatoe. Then the shop phone rang. Then my wife's phone rang.
My neighbor was quite worried about her hay. They cut Sunday and discovered the ground was too wet and the hay was not drying. Would I chop it for silage?
And so we did.
Pretty much a record in getting ready.
Silage chopper was in the back pasture. Took the corn header off, put grass header on, washed it, greased it, hooked it up and started chopping at 5 p.m. A neighbor did the hauling. We took a dump box and the 2-155 over to make up for not having a truck ready and because the field was so soft.
It is a long haul for one truck.
The A/C works on the G1355 but not on the Smith and Smith 2-155. (of course)
I put the 1355 on the chopper because I like the A/C. Plus my little helper has trouble getting in the door.


  1. Silage chopping and AC? This must be a post from last summer. I had the heater on in the magnum today and no need for AC. Not enough grass growing to feed the cows yet. Down to freezing again tonight. Cold in Saskatchewan.


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